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Liuzhou City intends to build large-scale mechanical and electrical hardware market

   La Road, Liuzhou, No. 2 chicken after another in the blue building high-shelf market, quite a concern. It is understood that this is still being built, a mechanical and electrical hardware market, a site area of ??broad, perfect and reasonable layout, built after the hardware market will improve the trading environment in Liuzhou.


Siu Lam common technology platform hardware upgrades boost professional town

   "Since 2007, a total of 800 service enterprises, testing batches of 629 times, testing costs for enterprises to save more than 200 million received by the enterprise." Xiaolan, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, metal testing laboratory head said recently. It is understood, Xiaolan Xiaolan metal testing laboratory is for optimization and upgrading of traditional industries, metal products formed, the construction of the laboratory to avoid duplication of purchase test equipment business, greatly reduce test cost, effectively raising the Xiaolan Town Hardware Lock product quality.


Analysis resurgence of anti-dumping export puzzle Electrical storm Weapon

   As China continued to grow and develop mechanical and electrical industry, mechanical and electrical parts of foreign trade enterprises have gradually with international practice. But in the course of competition with foreign enterprises, foreign competition in the normal course of business not win, they often limit the use of trade remedy measures to suppress the relevant export enterprises in China, making the export of electromechanical products trade friction has become the way of the highway, "Tigers."


Raw materials rose Wote De innovative development of water appliances market

   Wo Tede in the first quarter of operation, is facing due to global market fluctuations and raw material prices, labor shortage and other business brought to various unfavorable factors. Wote De unite all people and actively innovative business thinking, and increase enterprise reform; to expand product functionality and development, enhance staff capacity and enhance corporate culture to stabilize the workforce and achieved gratifying results.swing chain Through the tireless efforts of people of all Wote De, serious and effective work done in the first quarter targets, and the operation scale of relative stability and steady economic growth.


Improvement in the global steel market situation risks of domestic steel prices

   May 28-29 hosted by the Shanghai Futures Exchange, "the Eighth Shanghai Derivatives Market Forum" in Shanghai's Pudong Shangri-La Hotel. The forum's theme of "economic recovery and instability in the futures market: functioning and risk management." The following is the Metallurgical Industry Planning Research Institute Li Record created speech.


Chile's copper output in April fell by over 3.9% in 2010

   Chile's copper output in April fell 3.9% from a year earlier to 438,340 tons. Chile's copper output accounted for one third of global output.

    Integrated media reported on May 31, National Bureau of Statistics said on Monday in Chile, Chile produced 438,340 tonnes in April of copper, down 3.9% from a year earlier. April copper ore grades decline is affected by the problem, swing chain transportation and shipment of equipment failure and maintenance of crushed ore.


Small steel enterprises imported ore Dan Sancheng hungry Jiangsu ports failed

     Learned from the State Administration of Quality Supervision, in the first 4 months of imports in Jiangsu part of the port with the contract does not match the quality of ore, impurities too much, there are nearly forty percent of the ore failed.


Playing a new creative era hardware market

   Home hardware according to the current set can be divided into two major categories of general and special, the former including the hinge, hinges, slides, etc., which includes bathroom and kitchen hardware pendant. Including hinges, slides, hinges and locks the most frequently used in life, and thus even more important. In recent years, due to increasing consumer demand for metal parts made more demand and higher requirements.


High-yield steel industry under the illusion of many interesting economic

    Inconsistent macro-economic and micro-industry phenomenon, is the Securities Times survey of the greatest feelings of iron and steel enterprises, the industry "fundamentals" artsy.

    April crude steel output in China hit a new high, but the stock has decreased significantly compared with last year's highs and commodity steel prices also fell in the round strong exception, it seems that showing a booming demand and supply situation. To understand the true state of industry fundamentals, swing chain Securities Times reporter recently visited Shanghai and Sichuan, some of the iron and steel production and trade enterprises.


What small and medium business community rules of survival in case of difficulties the most appropriate

    At present, SMEs operating difficulties appeared and a half or even cut-off cut-off phenomenon. It is estimated that the overlay of many factors, the impact, resulting in profit margin has dropped to 1.44% or so. To stock, power supply shortages and tightening monetary policy and proactive adjustment of economic structure of industrial growth led to decline. Industrial efficiency continued to drop, some difficulties in production and operation of SMEs, business environment, macro-tolerance policy to the test.



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