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prospects for the domestic submarine cable submarine not break the international monopoly

    Cameroon national network of a large area off network, its national telecommunications company for risk by the investigation, initially identified as 90 kilometers from the coast of Benin, the submarine cable disruptions occurred. Submarine cable maintenance typically takes 10 to 15 days, Cameroon national telecommunications company eventually decided to take temporary measures to bypass communication lines connected to the network signal,swing chain but the speed will be slower. Not long ago in Japan Richter 9.0 earthquake, the basis of the two operators, China Telecom and China Unicom, part of the international submarine cable break, after an emergency route adjustment, overseas voice services not affected, but the completion rate and voice services in North America decline in both speed conditions. Asia's leading telecommunications operators are subject to varying degrees of impact, and about half of the Pacific submarine cable damaged.


Hardware industry "after the top ten " hot work is being carried out in


    April 14, 2011, ten selected metals industry awards ceremony came to an end at Beijing's Diaoyutai State Guesthouse,swing chain the event named the "Top Ten pioneer, ""Top Ten new brand, ""Top Ten Joyo business ", they Is a new thinking, new ideas of the leader, they will become the main new development in the industry, will also have a greater say in the industry to establish new rules.


Steel prices of steel stocks was down turned up by the drop

    China Steel Association's latest data show that in April, China's sustained steady and rapid development, market demand to grow, steel stocks down significantly, the steel price rise by the turn down. Since the release of iron and steel production capacity rapidly in the international market prices, reduced exports and other factors, the market is expected to post slight fluctuations in steel prices will show a running posture.


The international competitiveness of the steel casting Bohai second five-year plan with an annual output thirty million tons of steel

     Iron and Steel Group and Tianjin Bohai Trust Co. recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement compact for the realization of industrial and financial integration, and strengthen capital operation and management has taken an important step. This is Iron and Steel Group cadres and workers of the Bohai-depth study and implementation of an inspection tour in Tianjin, General Secretary Hu Jintao's important speech and introduce practical initiatives to calm the group of the gap, lack of careful search through the implementation of the "swing chain 4811" development strategy, is expected to "second five "During the annual output of 3,000 tons of steel to form the scale of international competitiveness to create a very modern iron and steel enterprise groups.


Ushered in the development of hardware manufacturing in China peak

   Internationalization of domestic competition, international competition of the domestic hardware industry in China the next few years the development of a new trend, and China's hardware industry will also show the development characteristics of China's hardware industry.


En Shi Zhangyuan bearings: new products designed to enhance precision grade bearings

     Bearing ring grinding process, there are multiple use magnetic orientation process, to bring the convenience of processing and reliable positioning, but after the parts will be after magnetizing with a large residual magnetic, so the metal shavings, grinding wheel Wear debris particles adsorbed on the surface of the part is difficult to clean, impact bearing cleanliness seriously affect the machining accuracy of the next process,swing chain process quality and compliance rates. Therefore, the magnetization transfer after the next part in the demagnetization process is necessary before cleaning.


Guangdong's first special cable base rail and the town settled Yang

    Recently, an official with the Shenzhen Gaoming League Li Electronics Co., Ltd. signed a contract announced Young and the building of the town in the company's clever base. This reporter learned that the scale of the project covers an area of 100 acres, with a total investment of 550 million yuan, to be built in three phases,swing chain of which the first phase of operation will be completed next January. After completion of the project will be the first in Guangdong carbon fiber composite material and rail transport specialty wire and cable manufacturers.


Yangtze River Delta, semi-suspension suspension of SMEs generally face challenges

    Mainland SMEs, because of financing difficulties, high taxes, rising production costs, has plunged into financial difficulties. Among them, the Yangtze River Delta region also lay a large number of enterprises, semi-shutdown situation. At the same time, the National Federation of Small plight has attracted great attention, before they took over two months in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and systematic survey in 16 provinces. swing chain It was found that small and medium enterprises especially small and micro enterprise status, than in 2008 when the financial crisis more difficult. It is reported that copies of research reports will be submitted to the State Council.


Thickness of the nation's largest steel grade X100 UOE pipe diameter successful trial

    Recently, the largest wall thickness, maximum diameter of the steel grade X100 UOE LSAW pipe, in the Iron successful trial.

     To meet the development needs of China's oil industry to a more economical way to transport high pressure natural gas,swing chain Baoshan Iron and Steel in the full study, based on user needs and carry out a large wall, large diameter steel grade X100 UOE LSAW pipe development trial .


Real estate companies more inclined to purchase from the energy-saving windows and doors products perspective

    Advance the process of building energy saving windows and doors also accelerated the application development companies more inclined to buy windows and doors from the perspective of energy saving products. Recently, concerns on the procurement of energy-saving windows and doors interviewed Landsea Deputy General Manager Zhu Xiankun purchasing real estate, real estate Wantong Wu Yue, director of procurement centers, swing chain real estate investment manager Dong Zhiyong cost management.



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