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Shenli main product swing chain,iron chain.

A court hardware industry ease with every change customers

Hardware industry is discrete, supplemented by process mainly manufacturing, production process is basically metal processing and parts of the assembly. Hardware manufacturing mainly has: blank casting, stamping manufacturing, mechanical processing, processing link includes casting, forging, hot list processing, raw materials division, wire bending, car, milling, planing, grinding or sheet metal forming processing technologies. Hardware products variety,plastisol coated chain different specifications. The materials market run by the hardware products were more than 10 kind of hundreds of products. Including: lock class, the shake handshandle class, doors, Windows, kind of hardware and family decoration hardware class, plumbing hardware class, building decoration hardware kind, tools and sanitary hardware,swing chain kitchen hardware, etc. Because of various materials, different size, different colors, different specifications of tie-in, to the material management has caused some difficulties.


Hardware industry "carbon management" to promote green upgrades

The happy moment 】 have a hotel door of billboard read, "new to the Portuguese wine grapes, please jun taste." Several guests will point the wine, drink edge kan. A guest exclaimed: "waiter, this wine how white hairs?" . Waiter: "sir, it's not just that this is many years of old wine!"


Fasteners development perspective the domestic hardware industry growth situation

At present, our country enterprise and the United States of the hardware of the hardware enterprise compare, whether in the scale, product or craft level is a substantial gap. Hardware said venture resume, some successful enterprise can give you a reference, earlier mostly do hardware business, in the plan in some accumulation,iron chain buy a few lathe started a small factory. In the ninety s to early years, hardware production and plan has already begun to take shape, gradually became a hardware product planning and growth.


Doors and Windows hardware to the role of building energy efficiency gradually be regarded

In building energy saving, the role of the doors and Windows do not underestimate, and the high quality Windows and doors for good doors and Windows hardware is to provide the safeguard, therefore, doors and Windows hardware in building energy saving effect of gradually by value.


In 2011, the trend of the hardware and products analysis

2003 years after China's entry into the WTO, China mechanical and electrical industry into the fast lane, investment both booming exports, reached new highs. The 2008-2009 financial crisis hit the same punch but like many hardware and enterprise, to all our hardware and people and an opportunity to think, high growth of foam difficult to resist industry crisis, so how to in the market competition? To solve this problem, we must understand the world political development trend and the development of the industry trend, and a new form, such as electronic commerce hardware and the influence of the industry.


Door window should choose and buy needing attention in hardware products

When the doors and Windows need to pay attention to choose the hardware product is mainly handle, hold hands, locks and hinge.

Domestic outfit materials supermarkets have special display of shake handshandle galleries, in order to and all kinds of furniture form a complete set, the shake handshandle shape, color is appearance condition, colourful. Shake handshandle with the material of zinc alloy, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, log, ceramic sanitary ware,plastisol coated chain etc. Look from exterior, shake handshandle has a tube shape, form, spherical and various geometric shapes, and only head type, double head type, appear type, enclosed wait for distinction. swing chain Is there the halfback or leisure, also have to rope or hanging beads in the form of shake handshandle nostalgic.


China mold and die into production country industrial system has basically is perfect

Now our country has been a mold production power, according to not complete count, the industry sales have been close to 100 billion yuan. This figure is not important, the important thing is the industrial system in our country has basically perfect mould.


Zhejiang wuyi power tool industry cluster strong rise

Wuyi, the heart of zhejiang a shinning pearl. She, condenses all jinxiu jiangnan prosperous and attractive; She, arousing the reform and open policy the surging tide.

Wuyi has a long history and the humanities ceremony. The tang dynasty famous poet meng haoran had YeBo WuYangChuan, left behind "asked, 'where mi-combined is more than the"plastisol coated chain of a beautiful poem. LvZuQian, zhu xi and master the temple in the hall for a lecture, formed the unique Ming recruit culture. Pioneer new culture movement, lake poets PanMoHua, prominent economists thousand colts,swing chain famous painter this claboratestyle PanJie, famous agronomist party Cui farming was born in the poetry of land.


Spot iron ore platform try to rob water international pricing


By the end of 2011, was originally two spot iron ore online trading platform ready to launch time. One is the office in Singapore and London's global spot iron ore trade platform (GlobalORE)iron chain , the other is the Beijing international mining right exchange (ore said north) plans to release of Chinese iron ore spot trading platform.


The dragon of cooking wine hero hardware the auto parts market into BoBo incense

The dragon will come, engineering machinery giants are all expect in the year ahead in the market can blustery, head become the leading way. Look back a year, the American market for preemptive engineering machinery, the situation. Financing lease, mortgage payments sale means emerge in endlessly, it is kill very dark. But after years of development, loaders, excavators the market has been close to the saturated, it is difficult to emerge in early potential of the blowout. plastisol coated chain Believe in next year's engineering machinery market will not like people to guess the so smooth. The eyes of the European debt crisis for Europe to import and export market suffered serious influence, swing chain when the debt "clouds" migrating to the head is likely to let the market outlook more depression. For now we should focus on the market there?



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