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Shenli main product swing chain,iron chain.

Quit before the end of the year, sales staff must welding career compass

   2011 is coming, we are all ready to greet the New Year with a new state, the Spring Festival, the end of the year also will be the peak of the arrival of job-hopping. Many people who hold full of hope, eager to want to "toot."

"A force for Chamber of Commerce, is their responsibility"

    Third Anniversary and I will auction activities Symposium.

    1000 starting price was 4,000 yuan Wei wheel piece of sand, after no less than ten times the bid, and finally to 2 times higher than the starting price of transaction; a peony as the theme of the photographs "sold" out of 1,800 yuan; cable hardware distribution networks, and No. 1 # 2 # gold advertising photographed from 5,000 yuan 10,000 yuan ... ... what is a positive contribution?

Italy, in 2010 exports of machinery and molds over 3.5 billion euros

    According to the International Mould & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association metal charge Luo Baihui introduction, the Italian plastics and rubber processing machinery manufacturers and mold makers Association (Assocomaplast) was founded in 1960, is a non-profit organization with 160 members, all of Italy plastics and rubber equipment and auxiliary molds of the most important manufacturers.

Dalian Polytechnic to build high-end bearings of the new concentration area of

    Dalian Municipal Committee of the Tenth Plenary cum ten times the city's economic work conference on the report in order to improve the quality of development as the core, to speed up economic restructuring; intensify structural adjustment, and further improve the quality of economic development.

Fierce competition in steel industry production capacity of the port mode control the pain experienced

    All along, the steel industry was the first camp, Baosteel Group, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, Anshan Iron and Steel Group is ranked, although the rest of the heart into the business, but due to the strength, history and other factors is difficult to break the current pattern.


"Casual clothing city in China," the rapid development of the lions rely on network

    Fujian Shishi, Fujian is the birthplace of school clothes and distributing center plate, but also by China Textile Industry Association, China National Garment Association, China casual wear named after the city.
    According to statistics, the center of Fujian Shishi textile and garment sector to send nearly a thousand yuan in output value, profits and taxes of hundreds of billion yuan to more than 100 million people in employment,swing chain the possession of the National 1 / 4 or more of the market, the textile and garment industry has grown into the largest pillar industry of the lions, accounting for 60% of the gross national product.


China's machinery manufacturing industry in recent years, the overall situation analysis

    Tool Industry must change our philosophy, to develop advanced tools and efficient production, efficient use of advanced tools instead of foreign-made products, take back the possession of this part of the tool import market, emphasize on post production services, the only way, only the development of tools for enterprise future, China's Tool Industry can be revitalized.


EU trade with China, Central, Circle Yujian hardware companies to seize the opportunity

    The former EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson said the EU's trade policy does not keep up with Asia's development. The EU must recognize that the EU's trade policy adjustment can not be restricted in China.
    EU Select Asia as a 'trade offensive' main objectives for the Asian financial crisis in emerging countries in the outstanding performance of the EU in its relations with South Korea on October 6, 2010, after the formal signing of a free trade agreement recently reached with India to establish another EU FTA India's intention.swing chain India and the EU in first EU - India Summit agreed that both sides will be signed during the year 2011, bilateral free trade agreements.


Shopping hardware buy get together to force half sad half destroyed?

    Recalling the 2010 online shopping market, buy army must be an exception brilliant label.
    Groupon the U.S. buy the rocket site upbringing inspired by the domestic buy site suddenly a burst of explosive growth,swing chain and group projects are varied, from food and clothing, down to the play line. Qing dynasties Research Center data show that, as of November 2010, the Chinese buy as many as there are thousands of sites.


Depth analysis: power tools industry leader urgently cultivate

    59 companies, 60 products, 24 kinds of products are not standard. AQSIQ announced recently awarded the 2010 No. 3 national supervision of product quality, power tools (electric drill, electric hammer, angle grinder) product quality problems, is still concentrated in small and medium enterprises.



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