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Home improvement need to know: On the value of logs at the door

   Well known: high-end wooden doors wood doors be in the product, its cost and material cost of the production process it located in the high-end doors, the value of this embodiment are:

     A, value.

     Wood door refers to the selection of natural, precious wood as raw material processing and manufacturing of wooden doors. Varieties of walnut, cherry,plastisol coated chain maple, teak, oak, ash more than 10 species. Its main feature is the production of door parts and materials are of the same species inside and outside, no filler.


Market Watch: cabinet hardware value-oriented marketing to become a key

  It is reported that there are many cabinet companies in order to consolidate its strong brand position, increase marketing efforts in channel development, channel distribution, hard-terminal construction, soft terminal building, team building and supervision and evaluation system, and multi-pronged approach to build a comprehensive strength of the enterprise platform.


Personalized building hardware products, driven by wave of youth sought

  Youth trend driven personalized architectural hardware products sought

    In recent years, affected by the hot real estate market and driving, the renovation market has become increasingly prosperous. Renovated and now house the majority of the 80 young people, they use a variety of architectural hardware products, when more emphasis on product style and personal appearance and practical. Youth suffer from this trend, driven, personalized architectural hardware products have now become the main theme of the decoration market. "Recently, I visited the Chinese science and technology hardware city of Jincheng market six areas, a business owner for many years says plumbing hardware.


Mona Lisa to lead the National bath home market staged battle

  Although the National Day Golden Week from nearly a month, but the site has long been the major household brands to hang out the National Day promotional advertising, this year's National Day home market, will fall into the smoke being.


Focus on hot consumer trend of ceramic sanitary products three popular

    Ceramic sanitary ware products to create new brands and new styles is very important, ceramic ware shape monotonous and lacking in new ideas. Manufacturers are also aware of the problem, began design and development of novel style sanitary ware products, many are starting to market new,plastisol coated chain multi-functional sink, beautiful and practical bathroom cabinets, style more in line with the aesthetics of the toilet has increasingly become a consumer those who are hit.


Pulse edge LED industry in Guangdong will increase the future potential market entry

  Professor Luo Yi, Tsinghua University, said recently: "Guangdong to seize the industry is the best time, as long as the market order to improve the macro control policies continue to believe that Guangdong will maintain its advantage in the LED industry, and fully may be made in China, as well as a bright spot in the world. "


Fully prepare for "Golden September and Silver October," a coup to buy solid wood furniture

  The face of business sales season, I believe that many consumers have been "just around the corner." However, in the enjoyment of eleven super discount purchase, the consumer should first identify the reason to buy into real green, environmentally friendly, high quality solid wood furniture.


Hardware cost pressures facing the answer should be how to deal with

  When the storm comes, some of the bear attack the fragile bird; but Gorky described by Swallow shouting: "Let the storm to the more violent it!" Similarly, the survival of the fittest is the law applicable to the enterprise. Part of the enterprise to import "closures" torrent, the other part of the "Swallow" who courageously face the harsh environment of the growth of blood and tears Cross, restructuring and upgrading.


Lock doors and windows need to upgrade and development of raw materials prices to follow suit

   Recently copper, zinc and other metal downward fluctuations in raw material prices, customer order to recover funds, reduce inventory pressure, to ensure the sale, lock doors and windows to increase sales. Introduction of measures to expand domestic demand to ease a financial crisis some of the pressure, plastisol coated chain door and window locks domestic rally significantly. Lock doors and windows have a short rise of unprecedented development.


According to the valve industry efforts to develop domestic and international: valve market

First, must have the innovation consciousness. To have the innovation consciousness, will encourage firms to go all out, and grasp the opportunities. Wenzhou valve industry and other areas have many enterprise also used family workshop mode, need set up modern management idea, including market consciousness, sense of service, competitive awareness and crisis consciousness and so on. In the market, including the establishment of publicity platform,iron chain the promotion of the selection and on the media, customer looking for, new customer relationship, the establishment of business communication and exchange, the generation of new orders, to have long-term planning and measures. The valve industry also attach great importance to the technical development and innovation to forming technology development and the development of innovation mechanism.



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