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Industry low threshold to hardware locks market confusion

Hardware locks in hardware everywhere on the market, the brand, no brand, anyhow is good and evil people mixed up, hardware locks enterprise into line low threshold, many hardware locks enterprise product variety, quality requirement is not high, the price is cheap, so have a market, the lower the threshold of hardware locks market will bring hardware locks the overall market threshold low. Even hardware locks enterprises have a advanced patent technology, and then the hardware locks market appear similar locks products. The threshold of the hardware locks everywhere is low, the locks of the protected consciousness weak patent. In the current environment, locks industry to low threshold hardware locks market turmoil.


Meizhou hardware locks enterprise brand awareness is enhanced

In 2011, due to the "three tenors two shortage", guangdong's meizhou hardware locks enterprise to suffer to shock, but part of the brand awareness strong hardware locks enterprise actively enhance its ability to resist risk, they through the upgrade the quality of products, will be humanized principle and high-tech elements into product research, development and production, to speed up the transformation and upgrade, this part of the lock in crisis and high success more likely.


American kitchen appliances brand Caloric end of the restart

Since the 1990 s after exit the market, the foreign brands will be home appliance Caloric in late 2012 in the United States be made to kitchen electric market.

JMMLeeProperties limited liability company is the owner of the brand, and Caloric home appliance is permitted. IMM points out, household appliance brand is with high-grade Caloric kitchen electric equipment form a complete set of one of the earliest a brand.


2012 building materials hardware industry overall development is rapid growth trend

According to statistics, China's total import and export volume hardware industry reached 74.923 billion us dollars, up 30.1%. Total exports of $57.51 billion, up 31.4%; Total imports for 17.412 billion us dollars, up 26%. International mould and hardware and plastic industry association secretary-general ROM the supplier Fraser says, will lead the industry adjust strategy, speed up the transformation and structure adjustment, mainly by exports to "domestic trade and foreign trade, domestic and foreign markets pay equal attention to" walk on two legs, continuous development the domestic market. And this positive role in driving the effect significantly, causing the hardware industry overall rally, especially in the domestic present a explosive growth, realize the growth of 27% on the industry.


Our country hardware fastener industry lack of perfect industry standard

As fasteners first manufacturing power, our hardware fastener production enterprise long battle in the battlefield, is through hardships, since its accession to the wto since, in the overseas repeatedly suffers setbacks, eat Anna faris), although small achievements, but still can't get rid of "indigestion", "not the enemy" awkward situation, the key problem is the international standardization strategy. Specifically, is the lack of a perfect hardware fastener industry standard, 2 it is to serve as fittings industry was an important part of the hardware fastener industry and enterprise positioning itself was not accurate enough, in other words and host between enterprise long-term did exist, irrelevant pattern state. This is our hardware fastener industry couldn't penetrate the barriers, rushed out of the world, war the crux of the league,plastisol coated chain...

Ningbo standard metal products industry development is strong

Ningbo standard parts and automobile and motorcycle hardware industry: more than 500 existing production enterprises, the main production size screws, nuts, bolts, bearing and automobile and motorcycle hardware fittings, the annual production value amount to 2.5 billion yuan, one hundred million yuan of above enterprise 7 home. Ningbo AnTa industrial Co., plastisol coated chain...

China hardware association stone monk for "the padlock base" Abram gave nameboards

April 5, zhejiang padlock industry association of the first three general assembly held in pujiang county within 24 hours. China hardware association executive vice director feldspar monk LAN attend the meeting and for pujiang county issued "the China padlock industry base" the bronze medal. The zhejiang padlock profession association member assembly elected the new council, as the new President of ZhouXiaoMing election.


Oil prices break eight hardware and enterprise call doesn't hurt

The national development and reform commission announced that, from this day, domestic oil prices rise 00:00 finished product, gasoline and diesel prices are 600 yuan per ton increase, through this adjustment, oil prices has entered the era of 8 yuan. The commission said, according to the international oil prices as rise, there should be in the range of 700 yuan per ton.



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