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Shenli main product swing chain,iron chain.

Lung Tak Sun hardware auto line Zhengjian Long: car care industry is a sunrise industry

    The rapid development of China's automobile industry, to the surrounding industry has brought great economic benefits. Hardware companies targeting the China business opportunities abroad,swing chain are another way to enter the automotive repair and maintenance, and look forward in this grand "car revolution" to get proper value interests.


Simple solid cabinet had become mainstream environmental health

    In recent years, as people's living standards, the use of a simple function can not meet the requirements of the people of the kitchen, kitchen renovation, the configuration is good or bad has become the measure of the level of the people at home is an important quality of life standards.


Development of furniture hardware accessories in China and Future Trends Detailed

    With the development and progress of industrial technology, furniture and hardware accessories is mechanized mass production, metal accessories for versatility, interchangeability, functional, decorative have higher requirements.

Scissors Yangjiang City, the first three quarters of all good momentum of economic operation

    Yangjiang Municipal Development and Reform Bureau Ding Xifeng introduction, Yangjiang City, the first three quarters of economic operation has the following highlights. The first bright spot is investment, industrial sector and further enhance support for pulling effect.

Improvement of structural adjustment difficult parts industry in Zhejiang go from here?

    The mid-20th century, 60, a serious decline of marine fisheries resources, located in Yuhuan County in Zhejiang area fishermen fishing appears to survive the crisis. Yuhuan who was keenly aware of the field of automotive engine may have potential, and so, they put the engine on the boat apart,swing chain one by one part to engage in fishing points to the original factory repair workshop-style imitation.


Iron and steel industry, or become a "second five" the main battlefield of structural adjustment

    China has become the world's largest iron and steel production, consumption, net exports, but not a steel power, and there is excess capacity, energy consumption, big problem.

    Premier Wen Jiabao recently in Wuhan have some verbal exchanges with the steel workers.swing chain Wen asked: "Do you think the current major problems of China's steel industry is that?" A young man rushing to answer: "excess capacity." Wen praised He was right, and went on to say, China's steel industry faces major restructuring.iron chain First, improve concentration, changes in the situation of small and scattered; Second, modernization, creating the world's most advanced steel-making technology to produce high quality products; Third is to promote energy conservation, in particular, is to reduce energy consumption and reduce pollution. Restructuring of the steel industry, but also to design units proposed new tasks, we must move forward in this direction, the design world's most modern steel plant, a high standard of energy saving design of steel plant.


Three major trends in international development bathroom hardware widespread industry

    Overall development seems to see the brand bathroom upgrade bathroom business continues to develop, three or four markets in China has become the focus of attention, tiles to the countryside have become a hot topic, enterprises have to take action, to enter the rural market.

Property continued to push up the financial capacity to accelerate the release of copper mines

    Quantitative easing environmental highlights Jinrong attributes: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Oct. 15 to comment again, in the weak economy and high unemployment, swing chain the second quantitative easing of monetary policy will become an important measure to stimulate the U.S. economy, although it may take the risk of rising inflation.


First expansion is not profitable but also the 16th largest home store in Jinan fierce battle

    Golden Week, along with the renovation coming season, the provincial capital expansion of domestic industry has also ushered in the peak.

    October 1, Macalline 18 million square meters of Shandong flagship store opening; October 2, the business area of 50,000 square meters of Hong Teng home business; October 11,swing chain Ginza, 12 million square meters of home center store ribbon-cutting ceremony in Jinan , plus 8 August opening Hongxin home, this newly opened home store has reached four. In the three years ago, the provincial capital is also one of the best furniture stores, but the big four or five, and most of the strong local companies, iron chain and now three domestic brands have entered the Jinan home chain, coupled with local enterprises on the scale of the home store actually has reached as many as 16.


The baptism of sanitary products by the market poised to shine light

    The overall development of the industry on the bathroom, in the second half, sanitary ware brand optimistic about the development of business, some industry sources said the second half of sanitary ware market has great potential. Industry sources, the development trend of bathroom products in the second half will continue to be personalized simple,swing chain functional and practical oriented.



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