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Instances of purchase of the cabinet package Do not be abused and lead to business

    Now is the fitting season, marks the National Day Golden Week, the building materials not only between the sale of war in full swing, it is full of tricks, variety of eye-catching promotional idea after another.
    Cabinet advertising package which is even more spectacular play, the original cabinets expensive people can not imagine, once complete the sale, the people can not imagine a more low-cost homes. Looking at the dazzling advertisements,swing chain many consumers confused, fell from the sky in this pie is true? Editor consulted the professionals, experts told editors, in fact, like most building materials are also small profits, to take to help the consumer marketing model. But be wary of unscrupulous diamond traders, "loopholes" in order to consumers under the cover, to induce consumers to jump off the trap.


Future hardware and building materials prices will be subject to exchange rate and price effects of production

    For some time, hardware and building materials in China rise and fall of commodity export prices will depend on exchange rates and changes in the prices of production.
    If a more substantial exchange rate appreciation of the recent, non-ferrous metal prices continue to climb,swing chain export prices will undoubtedly rise, but export prices do not represent the hardware and building materials industry in China entered a virtuous development.


Strong domestic demand in China ranks the world's largest construction machinery market

    Strong domestic demand driven and infrastructure, driven by continued warming, China has leapt to the world's largest construction machinery market. China's share of global construction machinery market share from 7% 10 years ago and quickly climbed to 31% last year.


Jiangsu Province, a province in import and export of hardware and electromechanical industry

    The morning of November 13, Jiangsu Province, the Third Council of Federation of Chamber of Commerce Hardware & Electrical Jiangyan in Jiangsu Province town of High Shen grand opening.
    Around the metal industry, from Jiangsu Province, more than one hundred enterprises attended the meeting. Hardware City Ltd. swing chain Jiangsu, East China Ping, chairman of weeks to re-election in Jiangsu Province Chamber of Commerce Federation of mechanical and electrical hardware.


Sharp drop in exports of rare earth in China in October soaring international prices

    Bloomberg China Customs to send an e-mail, this year's total export volume of rare earth in China in October compared to last month has declined by 77%.
    This is July of this year China's domestic economic demand to meet the export quota of 40% reduction since the exports of rare earths largest single month decline occurred. At the same time, swing chain the international emergence of the main rare-earth prices soared exponentially.


Leading into the bathroom bathroom cabinet bathroom cabinet should pay attention to what to buy

    Di Zhongshan Sanitary Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2009, the United States launched a refrigerator-style bathroom cabinet, the refrigerator's fresh bacteria applied to the bathroom cabinet design and production of products which provide consumers with completely different from the previous bathroom cabinet consumer experience, swing chain which products can be described as a revolution in the bathroom, causing widespread concern in the industry.

Enterprises urged to promote innovation knives, scissors Yangjiang contrarian up volume

    Autumn Fair 2010 was sunset on November 4 under the curtain. In recent days, not only to companies thinking about how to digest the Canton Fair orders and information on the harvest, many people are asking and discussion, this session of the Canton Fair is the Yangjiang municipal enterprises increase or decrease orders?

Stainless steel stamping pump industry leading official launch of the South Pump IPO

    Hangzhou Nanfang Special Pump Industry Co., Ltd. (the "Southern Pump"), published in today's IPO prospectus, to be issued no more than 2,000 shares. This indicates that China's stainless steel stamping pump industry leading enterprises will officially visit A shares.


Domestic mining enterprises to cheer for the iron ore negotiations

    China has more than 800 iron and steel enterprises in 2009, output of 567 million tons of steel, pig iron production of 537 million tons, is the world's largest country with steel prices, production also ranks first in the world.

Enterprises to lead the hardware industry in the face of adversity Breakthrough

    In 2009, the international financial crisis, in order to build China Wendeng hardware base for the goal to expand the development of key enterprises as the carrier, to technological innovation, brand building, swing chain technology innovation as the driving force, constantly optimize the development environment, increase industries attract investment, to cultivate growth of electromechanical instruments industry cluster.



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