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Paint the end of 2011, the market price into a trend favored

     It is understood that reporters in the major building materials and decoration materials market, find an interview, not only flooring, cabinets and other primary materials prices have risen, and many raw material prices nearly doubled.

Hardware & Electrical Industry of China to the strong priority environmental strengths

    In order to implement the party and state on adhering to the development of modern industrial system, improve the cultural infrastructure, improve the level of information, "second Five Year Plan" important.
    China to further promote the rapid development of industry, mechanical and electrical hardware, mechanical and electrical line is a positive response to the party's call and my colleagues in the wider community feedback on the wholehearted support of the hardware industry, is organizing the "I'm thinking hardware mechanical and electrical industry," Call for Papers for the awards event topic . To share with you.swing chain A rare opportunity, do not miss it!


Home improvement how to select high-quality water-saving taps

    Taps as the home of one of the most frequently used equipment, the importance of self-evident, so be sure to choose quality faucets. Taps can be selected from the following aspects:

    First, select types of faucet washers from the structure divided into two types with and without washers, from the appearance of a single handle and double handle of the points, from the use of form is divided into two types of rotation and lift, there are cast iron, steel , stainless steel apart. Recommended to choose the faucet washers Stainless steel no.


Export growth in light industrial concentration breakthrough still need to improve

    Zhejiang is a major exporter of lighting area, according to customs statistics, exports of Zhejiang Province, the first 3 quarters lamps 1.78 billion, compared with same period last year (below) an increase of 38%, its exports are mainly the following features:


Analysis of iron and steel enterprises mergers and acquisitions, five major issues blind

    In recent years, with the accelerating process of economic globalization and the concentration of upstream and downstream industries continues to increase, China's steel enterprises have accelerated the pace of mergers and acquisitions in an effort to improve industrial concentration.

Auto Parts Giant disappeared constant barracks "Tempo series" Shanghai Company

    Listed under the China Banking Regulatory Commission, "Tempo system" sub-enterprises, in correlation to provide security within the enterprise business group, the constant Giant Auto Parts (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the constant Giant Auto Parts) a total of 596 million guarantee, the guarantee amount of the total 23.24% guarantee amount is the maximum amount of guarantee within the group of companies.


Start another wave of auto parts manufacturers buy "American" on the

    Tengzhong Sichuan last year to 160 million trying to buy GM's Hummer brand. Last month, China's SAIC to spend 500 million U.S. dollars, bought 1% of GM shares.
     These two examples are between China and the U.S. car makers trading the most public attention.swing chain In fact, the Sino-US trade between the contents of the car makers to buy far more than China shares U.S. car manufacturers that simple.


Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Hangzhou Xiaoshan "five free" activities, helping electromechanical exports

    To serve local economic development and help electromechanical exporters out of the woods, bigger and stronger, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Hangzhou Xiaoshan by sending information transmission technology,swing chain delivery standards, training delivery, delivery services, "five free" activities to help the enterprise approach Fu, effectively raising the quality level of exports of electromechanical products.


Luoyang LYC Bearing Company in November finished high output

    Is also a high month. November, Luoyang LYC Bearing Group Company is actively implementing the sprint to mobilize the world's top 500 spirit, seize the opportunity, a clear goal of the fourth quarter, swing chain down to every level tasks.

China Steel Market Outlook 2011, the macro impact of structural adjustment

    A classic year, the annual feast. By the Economic Development Research Center of Metallurgical Industry and "My Iron and Steel," co-host of the "China Steel Market Outlook 2011" and the "My iron and steel" network will be held on 17-19 December 2010 held in Shanghai.



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