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China Security manufacturing industry also need to change something

    China is a manufacturing country, but not powerful security products. That is large because there are tens of thousands of small and large manufacturing enterprises all kinds of security products, a variety of product yield among governments around the world.swing chain Say it is not powerful because of too few products with independent intellectual property rights, no right to speak.


Dalian Wafangdian all efforts to build China Bearing

    Late autumn, Liao South, the harvest is in sight. 28, sponsored by the Dalian municipal government, city government hosted Wafangdian Wafangdian China Bearing the theme of coastal economic zone are cum-Investment Promotion held at the same time ZWZ precision technology and manufacturing Industrial Park District at the ceremony.


Appliance brands enter the kitchen cabinet market, high-grade ore mining

    China's cabinet products industry is growing, the overall market size has been 700 billion yuan. Generally optimistic about market prospects as cabinets, kitchen appliances to make a lot of people in the eyes of the "bonanza",swing chain the building materials industry and consumer electronics industries are fought over it in the spare no effort to cake..


Hardware Knowledge Church: tailor-made bathroom faucet

    Bathroom equipment, faucet be a small piece of the. But often these small things can make you feel at home to improve the quality of life. Your bathroom faucet in the selection, swing chain the first to consider whether the fact.


Ball by the world's largest and most advanced testing and acceptance

    Independently developed by CITIC Heavy Industries, wholly owned independent intellectual property rights of the world's largest and most advanced milling equipment, July 1st time through the test and acceptance in Luoyang. This indicates that China's large mill across in just a few years the History of the global mining industry, swing chain and fully break the world's top three mining companies - the United States Metso, Fowler, Finland, Outokumpu Alto technology and market monopoly, the China Mining high-end technology to master the real world into the world mining industry high-end market.


House was: a strong brand campaign Beijing home country

    Brand: removal of the "Top Ten Business Brand Gold Award."

    Has been reelected three "Beijing Ten commercial brands," the House was in 2008 won the "Top Ten commercial brands Beijing Gold", and the Quan Ju De, Tao Heung Village, an honor in the complex telecommunications, swing chain commercial and retail areas of the Beijing leader.


Hebei Steel to enhance self-sufficiency: five years out of dependence of foreign mining

    China's first, world's second largest steel company - Hebei Iron and Steel (000 709) Group WANG Hong-ren, chairman of mining company recently said during an interview the next five years, the Group will adhere to "a mine opening soon across the development" of new ideas to an annual increase of 5 million tons of iron ore self-sufficiency in the amount of speed, gradually shake off dependence of foreign mines to "12 5" at the end to enable the minerals to reach 35 million tons,swing chain self-sufficiency rate of 35%, with domestic iron ore supply , the degree of dependence on foreign mine over from the present 50% to 30% less.


Construction Machinery Cheng Hao "Used Time" new growth markets

    Sales is an important part of value creation, but only through a part of this profit, for the business enterprise has been more difficult. Especially with the industry's sustained development, engineering machinery holdings stabilized, swing chain various types of products very limited number of annual updates, new aircraft sales business has been difficult to prop up sales of more than half of country.


San Xin Metal Industry Top Ten Gift Joyo election 2010 business

    China's new power -2 010 annual Top Ten selection of Chinese gifts, "opened the curtain, the" Ten Award "Top Ten will be selected, ten cutting-edge brands,swing chain top ten Joyo business, the ultimate winners will participate in the Diaoyutai Guesthouse live ceremony, the candidates "Ten Joyo business" is: Dongguan City, San Xin Metal Products Co., Ltd..

Foreign machine tool business win-win cooperation is the inevitable choice facing

    We all know that, in the face of financial crisis on the global economy, whether developed or developing countries have reached consensus on this - win-win cooperation is the inevitable choice tide over the crisis.

    Machine tool industry should not be an exception, the face in Financial Crisis on the continuing impact of the global machine tool industry to face the future years, China's machine tool market opportunities,swing chain cooperation and win-win will certainly become foreign machine tool enterprises are facing the inevitable choice.



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