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Hardware life: buy a small shower should not be careless

    Small shower, purchase should not be underestimated. Bathroom shower is one of the important facilities, after work, very much love to wash in the shower, but the shower water is not smooth, hot and cold makes you greatly disappointed. Then it must be your shower not to capacity. Let us say from the common type of open shower, come and listen to experts teach us how to choose shower right.


Expansion of high-priced kitchen electrical market to be slow, "downsizing" lack of penetration

    Widespread price cuts in the current trend in home appliances, kitchen electricity prices are still high: around than fifteen thousand yuan purchase of washing machines, refrigerators, LCD TV, air conditioning and other large household appliances, a "smoke machine, cooker and disinfection cabinet, "the package has still almost on the yuan, compared with a few years ago did not even seem to change too.


Food prices go electric kitchen clean-up is also what the New Year Note

     The annual Spring Festival is approaching, in addition to preparation stocking, the pre-holiday clean-up is a home appliance can not be omitted "routine food."
    Dinner is very important, of course, have a good tidy up the kitchen after a whole year after the operation, household appliances, there is often a lot of internal dust and grease, etc., but these things if not clean, it will breed bacteria, affecting the normal operation of the machine , allowing the machine to work in the overloaded state,swing chain so to advance clean the appliance. And furniture, tableware and so different, because the special nature of home appliance products, cleaning appliances, be sure to pay attention to methods.


2011 growth rate will be up to mold industry exceeded 250 billion 18%

   International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Deputy Secretary-General Luo Baihui recently said that as the global economic recovery, rapid industrial development of mold, mold industry this year to achieve higher growth in 2011 will be in a stable development of mold industry and are expected there will be 18% or more of growth, "Twelve Five" period, China's output may exceed 250 billion die, so die industry total demand for steel will continue to rise.


Status of gardening tools and prospects of market development

    Horticultural industry to improve the living environment is important to people. With the global development of horticultural products industry, China has become the world's manufacturing center of gardening supplies, gardening supplies the domestic industry is developing rapidly and has become a separate industry segments.

Development of China's aluminum industry and strategic analysis

   In recent years, with the sustained and healthy growth of China's national economy, the overall strength of China's aluminum industry rising influence in the international market and competitiveness become more prominent.
   Now, the aluminum industry in China has become the world's largest country, is under active power forward to the world aluminum industry. swing chain However, there have been some problems which, on the aluminum industry is both a challenge and an opportunity for development.


Apple's supply chain, non-governmental organizations reveal the secret: toxic pollution violations and

    Apple is not aware of the importance of supply chain regulation, and reality mirror Apple Apple huge.

   "Apple" did not have people look beautiful in that fashion.

    Report of three civil society organizations in China has opened the other side of Apple's unknown, the report considered environmental protection, occupational health and labor rights in three areas, Apple is in violation of its commitments. In fact, in the supply chain under the trend of green has become an international,swing chain multinational companies should not only strengthen its supply chain environmental management, and supply chain should be the public about the environmental problems and rectification, accept public supervision.


Hardware is not anti-business marketing 4P marketing mix model attempts

    McCarthy (JeromeMcCarthy) published in 1960 in his "Basic Marketing: A Managerial Approach," a book, first proposed the 4P marketing mix elements, namely: product-Product; price-Price; Location-Place; Promotion-Promotion.


New bathroom hardware market in 2011 to seize the three good ideas in the low-

    The continuous improvement of living standards and sanitary ware technology advances, making the bathroom renovation is also becoming more and more fashionable, more and more on the development of bathroom fashion and Smart, color has become a household personality reflected in the most convenient way .

U.S. ITC started on the 337 starters and alternators Survey


    January 13, 2011, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) voted on the part of starters and alternators (certainstartermotorsandalternators) launched 337 investigations.

    January 3, 2011, Remy Corporation apply to the U.S. ITC, accusing the United States imports and part of the U.S. market starters and alternators, infringed on its patents, start the 337 required an investigation and issue an exclusion order and injunction. The application is the company's December 9, 2010 proposed amendments to the relevant application.



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