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View of City in 2011 up to people to buy kitchen electricity should pay attention to details

    On the current trends in kitchen and electrical products mainly to the energy-saving, overall, embedded in the direction to move closer, and when consumers buy according to demand, to buy time to have attention to detail.

"Department of force metal" look really rushed to the power of the top ten business Joyo

    China's new power - IWILL Bor Cup 2010 Top Ten China's hardware industry has been selected near the end of registration period. But as the deadline approaches, the application to more enterprises. And the novelty of a basket, a number of significant mountain not in the habit gradually reveal candidate watertight "ferocious" character, a dark horse there!


So far the U.S. has successfully developed the robustness of the best alloy

    The new issue of the British "Nature - Materials" (NatureMaterials) magazine reported that U.S. researchers have made a new type of alloy materials, and so far both in strength and toughness of materials, the best overall performance.


Textiles and clothing face shortage of workers looking for opportunities in crisis

    Some coastal economically developed areas new round of "employment Alert" sounded frequently. From the "labor panic" to "labor shortage", the labor market supply and demand within a year occur completely reversed. Plan as changes quickly, year after year plan changed, this is a lot of companies did not expect.


Materials Selection Guide: Beware of buying the concept of cabinet speculation Note

    The kitchen is the most important home improvement. Especially those custom-made the whole cabinet, a set of very common on the yuan, and in some high-end cabinet shop in the import, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, hundreds of million of the whole cabinet is nothing new.

Quit before the end of the year, sales staff must welding career compass

   2011 is coming, we are all ready to greet the New Year with a new state, the Spring Festival, the end of the year also will be the peak of the arrival of job-hopping. Many people who hold full of hope, eager to want to "toot."

"A force for Chamber of Commerce, is their responsibility"

    Third Anniversary and I will auction activities Symposium.

    1000 starting price was 4,000 yuan Wei wheel piece of sand, after no less than ten times the bid, and finally to 2 times higher than the starting price of transaction; a peony as the theme of the photographs "sold" out of 1,800 yuan; cable hardware distribution networks, and No. 1 # 2 # gold advertising photographed from 5,000 yuan 10,000 yuan ... ... what is a positive contribution?

Italy, in 2010 exports of machinery and molds over 3.5 billion euros

    According to the International Mould & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association metal charge Luo Baihui introduction, the Italian plastics and rubber processing machinery manufacturers and mold makers Association (Assocomaplast) was founded in 1960, is a non-profit organization with 160 members, all of Italy plastics and rubber equipment and auxiliary molds of the most important manufacturers.



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