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Shenli main product swing chain,iron chain.

Chinese demand for wire and cable market in Vietnam, "hungry"

   According to reports,iron chain the Ministry of Industry and Trade, said more high-quality wire and cable through the Mong Cai in Vietnam's ports sold in the market in southwest China maintained a good momentum and a growing trend. The third quarter of 2011, the first two months, various types of wire, cable exports were 200 tons / month, swing chain 170 tons / month. Into September, has signed contracts for various wire and cable, respectively, the trading volume of 280 tons, 200 tons, growth of 40%. Since the beginning date, the main export of Guangxi wire and cable market, part of the export of Guangzhou. Contract signed in September, almost all of our customers come from Guizhou Province, Yunnan Province, and extends forward. Southwest China's exports to high-quality wire and cable business-effective,plastisol coated chain compared with 20% higher than domestic sales.


"Hometown of Chinese zipper" Yongjia bridge with technology "gold-rimmed"

  Zipper on the bridge began in the 1980s, has gone through more than 20 years, is one of the pillar industries Yongjia. In the China National Hardware Association and Yongjia County, the town under the guidance of two levels of government concern, more bridge zipper booming industrial base in 2002 for "the hometown of Chinese zipper" gold card.


Xiangyang bearing developed by raising 690 million yuan Industrial Park, a construction project

   Xiangyang bearing intended to be not less than 5.72 yuan / share price, non-public offering of 120 million shares, raising not more than 686 million yuan for the three-ring Industry Park, a Xiang-axis construction projects. Release the object to include tricyclic group, including not more than 10 plastisol coated chain specific object.


Luoyang Bearing CITIC Heavy Industries with a focus on development of hydraulic machine Slewing Bearing

    Luoyang Bearing Co., Ltd. was founded with a focus in 1992, is specialized in manufacturing large, extra large bearings and turntable bearings. We have experienced bearing production managers, senior engineers, senior engineers, senior technicians and other production technology. For user selection, design, manufacture various types of bearings can also be developed for users of non-standard bearing and import substitution, plastisol coated chain but also repair the loss of precision bearings. The main products: wheel bearing, non-standard precision bearings, rolling mill bearing, range of processing diameter: Ф300mm-Ф6000mm.


Cabinet industry profits in the end have a kind of hidden behind

    Cabinet industry has been a lot of people think that is a lucrative industry that profits so large that people "staggering" number of media reports of the cabinet industry profits is overwhelming, challenge the outside world in the cabinet industry profits at the same time, the dealer said he was a cabinet The grievances have no place to belly down, behind the cabinet industry profits in the end have a kind of novelty? the author conducted a survey.


Mold the next five years IT industry will usher in the development of super-warm spring

    As the world's steady economic recovery began in 2010 out of the woods IT information industry, electronic information products entered the market rebound channel; plastisol coated chain obvious trend of mergers and acquisitions and restructuring, and continue to explore new business areas; further application of information technology, innovation, content is more rich, 2011, ushered in the development of IT industry will die, "warm spring", the next five years IT and electronics swing chain products markets will remain stable downstream mold development trend, IT mold industry will exceed 50 billion U.S. dollars.


Projects boost building decoration industry elite upgrade

  September 22, the first national project manager for architectural decoration industry representatives Excellent Holiday Inn Pudong Shanghai Conference was held. China Building Decoration Association, Honorary President of the horses quite expensive, Li Bingren China Building Decoration Association, China Building Decoration Association, Vice Chairman and General Liu a, Decoration Industry Association, Shanghai Xin Guoliang, executive vice president, iron chain vice president of China Building Decoration Association Ye Decai, China Building Decoration Association, Honorary Vice President Xie Jianwei, chief engineer of China Building Decoration Association, Liu Yuan, China Building Decoration Association, Construction Commission Executive Director and Secretary-General Chen attended the Conference, to participate in this meeting within the industry as well experts and representatives from the country's nearly 600 excellent project manager decoration.


Security room to bring home building materials industry development opportunities

  Brought about staggering housing market space protection

    In recent years, a series of market regulation policy, to suppress the volume of commercial housing, the real estate downturn. Real estate industry chain downstream of the home building industry has also been an unprecedented impact. Affordable housing (hereinafter referred to as the security room) and large-scale construction or reverse this situation, to the home building industry to bring new markets. Can be expected to protect the house will effectively promote the consumption of home building materials. Many people buy real estate is to invest long term vacant,plastisol coated chain but not much actual renovation needs. And real estate is different from the security room occupancy rate is almost 100%, as long as live in the security room after the purchase of home decoration and building supplies are necessary choice. The affordable housing affordable prices so that buyers purchase cost savings, the purchasing power of fitting into a certain extent, mid-range pull of home building materials market.



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