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Professional hardware show in China to force the industry to enhance the development of hardware

    In recent years, show the economy alive, professional hardware show improvement on the industry, the development of the role of doubt, it should be in the affirmative.

    However, these effects include what has always been our thinking and concerns. HC hardware network hardware as the industry's leading media, large and small hardware every year to participate in the exhibition, swing chain from the perspective of industrial development, hardware show plays a "platform, a link, the window," the three major roles.


Doors of corporate brand marketing, how to "activate" the market?

    Any timber companies want to win in the brand strategy, we must focus on brand development. The future will become increasingly fierce marketing competition wooden doors, wooden doors only in the marketing business to take sensible and pragmatic strategy, and constantly innovate in order to impress consumers with good performance, establish their brand image.


Steel prices in the Steel Association recognize the unity and bargaining mechanism was abandoned mine

    February 24, in the China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) conference this year, the first information, Deputy Party Secretary Luo said that at present, three mines and has no reunification talks between the Chinese side, but the three mines and were approached in various steel mills in China trade, this means that the domestic steel giant Steel Association and the Chinese negotiators together to create a coordination mechanism has been completely abandoned.


Breakthrough bodyguards socket products distributors prospectus -----

    Beginning of this year, recalled the year 2010, we may harvest, we might regret, we may succeed, we may fail, but it is not important, important is the new year for new opportunities?

    2011 Electric will bring you a breakthrough new business opportunities, new revenue model bodyguard outlet ------ breakthrough product: mobile socket, rack power outlet, OPDU and other products.


Iron ore giant "meat" iron and steel enterprises lack the right to speak

    Steel prices last year by the sum of the profits earned, but not BHP Billiton more than a profit. Mining giants are already completely out of the shadow of the financial crisis, and record earnings harvested. Behind this performance is one of many Chinese steel companies struggled in the loss of the edge.


Hardware capital of China Daily Hardware father of three high-pressure environment encountered difficulties upgrade

   Daily Hardware is a traditional pillar industries, Danzao Town. According to information provided by the town government Web site, where the product accounted for 70% of the market, more than 50% of the products exported.
    After several decades of development, swing chain formed a danzao as the center, the radiation surrounding the annual output value of 200 billion hardware industry circle. Up to now, more than 2,500 large and small gathered here in the hardware business, manufacturing buttons, zippers, locks, kitchen utensils, lamps and other products.


Participation in a proper way how to deal with hardware companies show the economy?

    Fruitful economic income, clank instance playback. The face of the exhibition "everywhere" phenomenon, as the hardware business, "helm" how targeted, rational response is placed on the many "metal man" before the need to solve the problem.


Apple's supply chain staff in China for the first time recognized disability due to pollution

    According to "Beijing Morning Post" reported on February 15, 2010, Apple announced a progress report on supplier responsibility, the first public recognition of China's supply chain employees disabled due to pollution.


High iron ore imports continue to run high steel prices how to do

    The reason why iron ore imports to break through the historical record, mainly because: first, late last year after the end of energy conservation, a number of steel mills to resume production, the demand for raw materials back to normal, swing chain the procurement of iron ore enterprises to increase the intensity of ; second is due to market rumors in January by the Australian iron ore producers will flood the impact of the expected market prices for iron ore even more strongly.


Ingersoll Rand Security win another leader in China's civil aviation airport projects

     January 14, 2011, the world's leading diversified industrial company Ingersoll Rand's Security Technologies and its new international airport in Kunming Command headquarters in the newly completed office building conference center



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