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The rural market is the hardware business an important part of the layout of future development

    National agricultural policies continue to benefit the introduction of sustainable development will stimulate rural development. Terminal market in rural areas, will be the future development of related hardware business in an important piece layout.


Printing machinery and other equipment manufacturing, Ningbo forefront of the country

    Foundry equipment manufacturing industry is the basic industry. An advanced, powerful equipment manufacturing industry must have an advanced and powerful foundation and support for the foundry industry.
    Plastic mold and metal, according to international industry leader Luo Baihui Suppliers Association introduced the foundry industry, Ningbo City, the country has gone in the forefront of the foundry industry, swing chain regardless of the size of the industry, or the casting technology has been greatly improved. There are all kinds of casting the city's thousands of enterprises, number of employees 7 million people. The city casting production reached 100 million tons, production value of about 100 billion yuan, the Ningbo's economic construction and promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry has made great achievements.




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