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Shenli main product swing chain,iron chain.

Analysis of 2011 China National Metals and opportunities facing the development of three major international

    Economic development into 2011, China's hardware industry is gradually emerging from the financial crisis, increasingly strong in the domestic case, the export situation is gradually restored. Accept the lessons of financial crisis, China's hardware business in Europe to retain the international market, but also to look increasingly to invest in other overseas markets, to avoid the recurrence of "all eggs in a cage installed," swing chain the lesson.


Grinding tool grinding machine tool into a general trend to replace the manual

    Speaking of portable drill cutter grinding machine so popular, Zhao Changming played such an analogy: the invention of mechanical transportation tool, once you have, and now there are people willing to walk long distances from home, or riding up the same token, if get used to drill \ cutter grinding machine bit \ cutter also been used to wear hand-drill \ cutter it?


China fastener exports is the key technology to improve

    At present China's annual exports of $ 600,000,000 to the EU fasteners, fastener 180 million U.S. dollars of imports, imports of fasteners are high-end products, high technology content. The EU raised the big stick of anti-dumping on Chinese exports to the EU imposed fasteners 64 ~ 87% of the high anti-dumping tariffs.


Industrial base of the mold to form the "six foot utmost" situation

    In recent years, the rapid development of China's mold industry, according to International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Executive Secretary Luo Baihui introduced in all local government support and encouragement, China has formed more than 50 mold gathering base, improve the industrial chain, attract foreign capital and strengthen social investment has played an active role.


Steel iron ore supply and demand is expected poor earnings

    China's iron ore supply and demand in favor of the buyer's signal; iron ore price gains during the year, or hard to find, but still remain high; even if not rising iron ore, steel earnings outlook remains optimistic.

    According to Reuters, sitting on half of the world production capacity of China's steel industry may be relieved of this year swing chain , two years all the way from the soaring iron ore prices down sharply this month, and the Chinese market may turn to over-supply of iron ore to make the industry I believe the iron ore price gains during the year, or hard to find.


Hardware product quality as the brand development of the market "Pathfinder Stone"

    Hardware has always been known as the "labor-intensive industries", is still in the extensive production and management phases. Since the development has been due to the hardware industry to low barriers to entry, low-technology, lack of access standards, the market was mixed, family workshops in the hardware business for the prototype will be in bloom.


New energy vehicle power battery project laid the foundation stone in Shandong Linyi

    March 26, Linyi east of the river area investment projects focused on the second batch of ground-breaking ceremony was held, the new lithium-ion battery, Tex textile, Lungi building materials, such as 4 Times Square Hunt billion in projects over the ribbon-cutting on the same day started off the east area courageously rushed to promote the development boom across the county economy.


Analysis of metal molds in 2011 and Problems of industrial development

    "During" the level of progress has been made farm machinery and equipment, integrated mechanization level of five-year increase of 16 percentage points in 2010 to 52%. As of October 31, the central government 15.5 billion purchase of agricultural subsidies have been put in place, subsidies for various types of farm machinery were about 525 million units (sets), to benefit nearly four million households.


Hardware Tips: bathroom faucet maintenance elements

    Maintenance, is the beauty, of course, home needs. Good maintenance, make your bathroom a longer service life.

    Bathroom faucet maintenance four elements:

    Would like to invite experienced and qualified professionals in the construction and installation. Installation, swing chain the faucet should try not to bump with a hard object, not to cement, glue residue on the surface, so as not to damage the surface coating gloss. Pay attention to the pipes installed within the debris removal after the tap.


Brand chaotic era hardware industry can "cheat" how long?

   The owner of the brand is to bring premium, resulting in a value-added intangible assets, which the carrier is used, and other competing products or services to distinguish the name, term, symbol, mark or design their portfolio, value-added source formed from the mind of consumers the impression on the carrier.



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