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Steel prices in the first quarter results for the three different primary fuel prices rose

    Also iron and steel enterprises, the same iron ore prices are subject to factors, but the three major domestic iron and steel in the first quarter of this year listed Baosteel, Wuhan Steel shares, Angang Steel Company's performance are quite different.


Fastener Industry of India in the period of rapid development stage

    Fastener industry in India is in stage of rapid development, the industrial chain has taken shape. Fastener manufacturing plant more than 70% concentrated in Ludhiana. Raw materials, molds and consumption goods, surface treatment, swing chain heat treatment, fasteners and other related equipment can be found in many local manufacturers.


40% of the first quarter of small and medium steel price hikes of imported iron ore prices to stop

    Uncontrolled price hikes of imported iron ore, making more and more domestic steel prices have stopped importing iron ore.

    April 26, Baosteel Group Chairman Xu Lejiang told this reporter that small domestic use of imported ore blast furnace has been stopped due to high imports of mine has hit the bottom line profits.


May sales crackdown ahead of the three thermal hardware companies Raiders

    Recently, the "stain bread," "beef cream" and "poisonous bean sprouts," "lean" and other words one after another, constantly filled with people of the eardrum, in the face of these people every day to eat into the stomach of the "poisonous" food, instant anti-counterfeiting activities began in earnest.


Quality and technology will be the core hardware market competition

    According to industry professionals, domestic competition, international, international competition will be the country of the next few years the development of China's hardware industry trends, and China's hardware industry professionals in these industries will also be under the leadership of the Expo show development characteristics of China's hardware industry .


Australia's fourth largest iron ore producer, looking for Chinese investors

    After 7 years more than 50 times the size of mergers and acquisitions, to enjoy the advantages of low-cost expansion after the fourth-largest iron ore producer in Australia AtlasIron (AGO.AX) began in the largest iron ore consumer market in China looking for investors.


Heilongjiang Railway sensor cable assembly and mixing capabilities to improve security

    Heilongjiang Branch Railway thieves stealing wire and cable for the intelligent methods of crime trends. Branch actively organize technical staff, after many experiments and debugging, use a small relay for the cable installation,swing chain "and mixing sensor", effective way to eliminate and prevent the use of cable theft and mixing state.


Elimination of backward production capacity, or usher in a new round of construction equipment acquisition wave

   "The only branch of industry, forklift trucks, for example, the top ten industry has been very intense competition, space is very small, can be said to have entered the era of homogeneous competition." Shandong Guangming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Song Jingkun spokesman said The new round of industry shuffling inevitable.


Hardware Show still need to strengthen the rapid development of the exhibition management

    With the continuous advance of reform and opening up and China's rapid economic development, China's exhibition industry is also unprecedented development, the development of machinery exhibition provides a broad space.

    Plastic mold and metal, according to international industry leader Luo Baihui Suppliers Association survey, held annually in various exhibitions around the country over 4000, business class exhibition and machinery accounted for nearly 60% of the exhibition has become the largest component of the exhibition. Affected by the crisis, the scale of decline in European and American machinery exhibition, the audience dropped; However,swing chain in China, Brazil and other emerging countries, the exhibition is having a mechanical expansion trend, exhibiting the number of the world's leading manufacturers and new technologies, new products have reached new heights attracted global attention.


Hebei Iron and Steel Group Mine timber sales made new progress in direct supply

    Type with Hebei Iron and Steel Group Company in accordance with the deployment of sales company, increase sales efforts, direct supply, after a lot of careful and thoughtful work, direct supply customers Henan Coal Chemical swing chain Industry Group in April ordering more than 1.2 million tons, a 70% increase than usual.



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