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International copper prices rose more than 3% last week, not high price of copper is expected

    Last week, positive economic data in the United States and the dollar index falling, driven by commodity markets rose, of which crude oil prices climbed to $ 112 / barrel above the London Metal Exchange (LME) 3 month copper (71660, swing chain -20.00, -0.03%) on Thursday to close at $ 9,700 / ton (closed on Friday), the cumulative increase of up to 3.14% a week.


New industry era mold analysis of enterprise information management tool

     Recently, the International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association accepted the Secretary-General Luo Baihui Network China's Sankei Shimbun interview that the development of a new generation of information technology, energy saving, new energy, biotechnology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy vehicles in seven new industries and transform and upgrade the strategic mold making and other traditional industries to closely, can not ignore the fundamental role of traditional industries, emerging industries, traditional industries and integrate.


Baoshan iron and steel industry heavyweights steel companies face price war price adjustment

    "Due to the recent order of steel too little, so some steel mills such as Lianyuan Steel, Handan Iron and Steel's steel production line had to select some to start, and this situation is the status of common steel." Lian, a sales person in charge of Steel told the author, and is located in Guangxi's Liuzhou Iron and Steel also reduced production.


Analysis: energy-saving plastic mechanical drive substantial growth in the industry

    Represented by a plastic polymer material has become and steel, wood, cement, tied the four basic materials. Has also been widely used in plastic products industry and the national economy in all areas of people's lives.

    Since all plastic raw materials shall be subject to the processing of plastic machinery and mold making, molding to a wide range of plastic products for the purpose, therefore, plastic machinery has become the aerospace,swing chain defense, petrochemical, marine, electronics, optical communications, building materials, packaging, electrical , automotive and transport, agriculture and light industry sectors important to support the national economy.


Steel rebound will evolve into reverse or drive steel prices

    Stabilized steel rebound burst on the scene, concerned at the pressure above the 60 day moving average. If the rebound kinetic energy sufficient, when breaking the fetters of the 60-day moving average is expected to challenge after the high point of the year. But investors need not rush, you can test the line resistance in the plate when the amount involved in more than a single band, the proportion of positions to no more than 30% is appropriate.


Marginal effect of electrolytic aluminum industry faces an era of competition

    Liu Xiangmin, vice president of China Aluminum Industry in China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, a recent internal meeting to make a point, "change the development mode, it could prompt a fundamental change in the domestic aluminum consumption."


Export enterprise "prices rose very disturbed"

    Raw material prices, labor wages, financing expenses and a series of rising operating costs, is to bring heavy pressure on the domestic foreign trade enterprises.

    Reporters here at the 109th Canton Fair interview that, in response to upward pressure on costs, increase product prices as a large number of enterprises passive choice, as would corporate sales and export price and what impact,swing chain many business operators and industry who are "disturbed."


Baosteel steel project in Zhanjiang temporarily abandoned voted to build a wholly-owned Baosteel

    Baosteel recently announced that a wholly-owned Baosteel Group, plans to invest in ways Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel Co. However, swing chain due to long construction period Zhanjiang project, capital investment, programs, Baosteel Zhanjiang project to give up this investment priority.


Chongqing Machinery & Electric shares four special funds to support the project by the State

    Office of the State Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Office jointly issued before the technological transformation of key industries and the revitalization of the third installment of the central budget for 2010 Investment Plans.

Small garment enterprises in Guangdong appreciation of the RMB exchange rate pressure

    Accelerate the pace of RMB appreciation, the central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar breaking 6.54 mark last Wednesday after three consecutive days of 139 basis points higher, to 6.5301 on Friday, then a new high since the reform of foreign exchange earnings.



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