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Past and lock the lock to the future with intelligent life safer

     Lock, with the daily life of the items most closely linked.

    Starting from the primitive society, the development of locks experienced a long and complex evolution, the main plug from the ancient spring lock stage, to the modern stage of mechanical locks, and are entering the era of the intelligent lock. With the social, technological, cultural progress, the security of mechanical locks has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of the people, and, to some extent, the strength of security measures is actually the identity, status-related, electronic smart lock (including the code lock,swing chain card lock, Fingerprint, iris lock, etc.) as more and more obvious advantage of a new generation of identification technology, will gradually replace the mechanical lock to become the new hero lock industry.


Professional services of crises into opportunities for SMEs to grow up happily

    In 2010, Foshan, Guangdong, proposed the "four modernizations integration, intelligence Foshan" development strategy, through information technology and industrialization, cities and towns, international integration, to further promote local economic development.


Trends: "Twelve Five" highlight the three bright spots during the bathroom market

    For 2011, prices of home building materials market news is not new, it is understood that this year's upstream and downstream of the raw material markets, labor, logistics and other costs rise together, wood, ceramics class, the general price increase of about 5%, metal products material price increases are obvious.


Door and window industry in 2011 of terminal distributors operating conditions

   Xiao Bian visited Chengdu, nine are the major building materials stores learned that this year the doors and windows franchise store more than about one-third of last year, visited some of the doors and windows in this year's business,swing chain dealers said a lot worse than last year. WISE WOOD manager told the author, doors and windows market is now really very competitive, profit down some doors and windows.


China Bearing Industry Association of the "Advanced Institute" title

    March 28, 2011, China Machinery Industry Federation was held in Beijing, three members of Congress and three tenth anniversary of the General Assembly, from the national machinery industry enterprises, research institutes, such as more than 400 people attended the meeting. China Bearing Industry Association, the Secretary-General Wang Quanqing attended the meeting.


General manufacturing bulk up website marketing innovation multiplier effect

    Steel and other raw materials continued to rise, forcing more low-cost manufacturing to marketing, and efficient mode transformation, innovation, marketing, manufacturing business owner to become a major issue, network marketing because of its flexibility, cost-effective and widely accepted.


Kuba net buy into the market, buy the fire exception furniture market

    Buy more and more recent fires, buy web sites such as bamboo shoots as the emergence of some large portal sites have also involved. Kuba net buy channel has recently been formally launched, Kuba shopping network registered users can buy directly involved in the move marks the formal entry into the buy Kuba network market.


Analysis: The hardware industry has brought chaos to the hardware business opportunities

   Currently, the hardware on the market various brands yell and cry, massive, racking their brains to expand brand awareness, but most methods are not appropriate, the effect is not significant.

   Growing chaos in the hardware industry to bring good business opportunities for hardware, companies find their own position, struggling to build the core competitiveness of enterprises, looking for bigger opportunity,swing chain will eventually be a large number of giant companies.



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