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Guangdong's first special cable base rail and the town settled Yang

    Recently, an official with the Shenzhen Gaoming League Li Electronics Co., Ltd. signed a contract announced Young and the building of the town in the company's clever base. This reporter learned that the scale of the project covers an area of 100 acres, with a total investment of 550 million yuan, to be built in three phases,swing chain of which the first phase of operation will be completed next January. After completion of the project will be the first in Guangdong carbon fiber composite material and rail transport specialty wire and cable manufacturers.


Yangtze River Delta, semi-suspension suspension of SMEs generally face challenges

    Mainland SMEs, because of financing difficulties, high taxes, rising production costs, has plunged into financial difficulties. Among them, the Yangtze River Delta region also lay a large number of enterprises, semi-shutdown situation. At the same time, the National Federation of Small plight has attracted great attention, before they took over two months in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and systematic survey in 16 provinces. swing chain It was found that small and medium enterprises especially small and micro enterprise status, than in 2008 when the financial crisis more difficult. It is reported that copies of research reports will be submitted to the State Council.


Thickness of the nation's largest steel grade X100 UOE pipe diameter successful trial

    Recently, the largest wall thickness, maximum diameter of the steel grade X100 UOE LSAW pipe, in the Iron successful trial.

     To meet the development needs of China's oil industry to a more economical way to transport high pressure natural gas,swing chain Baoshan Iron and Steel in the full study, based on user needs and carry out a large wall, large diameter steel grade X100 UOE LSAW pipe development trial .


Real estate companies more inclined to purchase from the energy-saving windows and doors products perspective

    Advance the process of building energy saving windows and doors also accelerated the application development companies more inclined to buy windows and doors from the perspective of energy saving products. Recently, concerns on the procurement of energy-saving windows and doors interviewed Landsea Deputy General Manager Zhu Xiankun purchasing real estate, real estate Wantong Wu Yue, director of procurement centers, swing chain real estate investment manager Dong Zhiyong cost management.


"Twelve Five" gear forging a prosperous future

   "Twelve Five" period, the countries to speed up development of advanced manufacturing, improve the level of localization of major equipment, and further encourage the development of large, sophisticated, special forging technology development and equipment manufacturing, 2010, letter issued by the Ministry of 10 monthly wage "zero mechanical basis parts industry promotion plan "in the lists focus on encouraging the development of the 10 categories of gear transmission equipment, focusing on the development of high precision equipment, special gear for the gear manufacturing industry, supporting the forging facing a rare opportunity for development.


Chinese hardware market space of pumps and generators

   Technology Hardware City of China pump industry after years of development and overall business has been relocated to the Downtown market, sales showed steady growth, has gradually formed a certain scale, the sales network is also expanding.


Zhenhai District, Ningbo Fastener output value of the cluster to be 5 years, billions of

    5 years, Ningbo Zhenhai District, will one small fasteners, bigger and with an annual output value reached 100 billion yuan of industrial clusters, the output value quadrupled. Recently, the district announced the development of pillar industries of the major feature of the planning and implementation of the path.


Over 500 billion steel transit marketing and strive to one of the world top 20

    The afternoon of May 7, Changzhou Wujin District, the district government held marketing Zhongtian Iron & Steel Group in recognition of over 500 billion cum speed up and Make the rally. Municipal Committee, Party Secretary Chen Ruiqing Wujin attended the meeting.


Quanzhou expected to be completed this year, 21 primary and secondary roads Cabling

    May 9 news, Quanzhou, Fujian is vigorously promoting the primary and secondary roads wires come down to earth, the implementation of transformation of the cable. Among them, the cable engineering Erythrina Road yesterday successfully migrated the first cable. For more information, please listen to this reporter Wei Jia Mei reports:


Small profit margins may face the blade iron and steel enterprises in transition times of low profits

    Financial crisis has not been fully strained, but has created a new economic pattern: more than 30 years supporting the rapid growth of China's economy has undergone major changes in the factors; international economic cooperation and show a new trend of protectionism.



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