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The rise of the global automotive parts industry linkage for domestic industries

    Bankers said the recovery of the car market is driving the re-emergence of suppliers for technology, growth and global scale, the trading activities of the auto parts industry will rise.

    Suppliers of strong first quarter performance highlights, restructuring is not only pushing their sales, but also reduce costs, improve profit margins and improve their balance sheets.


Ministry of Industry: A breakthrough in high-end manufacturing to promote transformation and upgrading

    Ministry of Industry and Information Technology committee member, was recently appointed chief engineer Zhu pointed out that "second Five-Year" period, is an important period of industrialization, but also of industrial transformation and upgrading of the critical period, facing the development of China's industrial environment and conditions continue to occur profound changes.


National Energy Board requested the reasonable control of the total energy consumption

    Has learned from the National Energy Board, the National Working Conference of economic operation has held in Haikou. National Development and Reform Commission deputy director of the National Energy Board Secretary Liu Tienan said at the meeting, the regulation of economic systems around the country to achieve "second Five-Year" Plan the objectives and tasks of supply and demand for oil and gas migration in coal outstanding contradictions and problems , to increase effective supply, compressed two aspects irrational demand, swing chain a solid good work.


Jiangxi scale industry GDP energy consumption "second five" to be down 20%

    Jiangxi Industry adhere to the scientific development concept, while in the fast-growing innovative energy-saving work, and achieved remarkable results.

    Deputy Industry and Information Committee of Jiangxi Sheng Ren Wanqing China Industry News recently told reporters, Jiangxi Province, the added value of large-scale industrial unit energy consumption of the "Eleventh Five-Year" cumulative reduction 38.24%, lower than the national average decline of 13 percentage points, swing chain the cumulative industrial energy savings to reach 900 million tons of standard coal.


Will become one of the windows and doors market, highlighting the new trend of historical change in six

    Our windows and doors industry after years of development, the homogenization of products on the market, follow the trend of the phenomenon of growing, door and window industry how can find a better direction? We look to people in the relevant view.


Hardware Knowledge: General flush valve and application of skills mix

    Toilet flush valve is the most important parts, have full-copper, copper plastic binding, plastic three, the family is the main use of plastic valve.

    Flush valve if the quality is bad, the water tank is full it will happen but the water still flows, the water running,swing chain but the water tank, water is full but not water, and other failures, maintenance is very difficult and very difficult to fundamentally solve the problem, resulting in tremendous waste. Therefore, the purchase must be flush valves to the professional shop to buy a high quality valve products. Valves currently on the market imported products, water saving, low failure rate, the price of 100 yuan, it is recommended as the preferred valve variety of home decoration.


India's rapid development of industrial fasteners initially formed the industrial chain v

   Fastener industry in India is in stage of rapid development, the industrial chain has taken shape. Fastener manufacturing plant more than 70% concentrated in Ludhiana. Raw materials, molds and consumption goods, surface treatment, heat treatment, fasteners and other related equipment can be found in many local manufacturers.


Bearing outer ring quenching and tempering process breakthrough

    Project since last March, which lasted more than six months improved, large-scale promotion of this year, bearing company bearing outer ring of large thin-wall quenching and tempering process improvements achieved a breakthrough: distortion reduction, scrap reduction, removal of all inspection and follow-up surgery, to the stress process, saving time and labor-saving costs, economic benefits are considerable.


SKF (SKF) network project in China authorized to conduct successful joint

    Empowerment Network project is a joint automotive service market for SKF authorized distributors authorized by the customer within the region, namely, retailer or large for the repair business (sales in the second part of retailers) of network members to implement the program.


Canadian anti-dumping on China fasteners midterm review

    April 28, 2011, Canada Border Services Agency announced, originating in China and China Taiwan carbon steel and stainless steel fasteners mid-term review of anti-dumping investigation to determine the main contents of the product concerned for the re-normal value and export price .



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