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Multi-function key technology of farm machinery and equipment start

     "Five-second" National Science and Technology Support Program, "Modern multi-function key technology of farm machinery and equipment" major project has started in Beijing, will invest 294 million yuan, major breakthroughs continuously variable transmission system, field operations and other critical navigation technology, and create 400 horsepower tractor and heavy-class intelligent cotton picker and other new products, farm machinery and equipment to enhance our manufacturing capacity.


The future of plastic doors and windows aluminum windows and doors will be relegated to a corner of the world?

    The past two years, steel doors in the sudden emergence of windows and doors market, market share, much higher than ordinary wood, steel doors and windows, doors and windows color plates, almost equal to aluminum doors and windows. More data indicate that the next century will be the plastic doors and windows of the world, then,swing chain aluminum doors and windows will be relegated to a corner, into the ranks of being eliminated. So, steel doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows in the end one is better? We may wish to adopt the following performance characteristics for comparison.


Hardware tools have to face the fashion industry, the individual needs of marketing

    Hardware industry is a great space for development. International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association head Luobai Hui, recently said on more than 80,000 consumer and retail, hardware market survey shows that 70% of the demand for metal products from home improvements, 40% of the product depends on Some hardware suppliers in the domestic supply capacity. More families would like to see more of the hardware products provided by retailers. But very unfortunately, our market research is still very limited. Zhuru After investigation, we found that in the entire kitchen design, there will be a 16% annual increase in market demand,swing chain but as a retailer, we must understand the market and customer needs, and then develop according to their needs solutions in this Xiaoshou the process should pay attention to several points.


Shenluda move into the bathroom again and again high-end market

    April 22, China National Hardware Association Zhang Dongli, Deputy Secretary-General Lu Chi-Ying, architectural hardware branch of the Secretary-General visited the Tao Peizhen Shenluda Group set up by the Chinese water culture museum. The museum exhibit as the main water tap, tap introduces the historical development of evolution and its future development, Imagination, and disseminate water-saving, energy conservation and other public welfare culture, the museum is still the first in the industry.


Zhongshan manufacturing to high-end graft new technology into the traditional industries

    In the January 13, 2011 in Zhongshan City of all seven second (enlarged) meeting, industry restructuring and upgrading to become a hot topic. The face of the "Eleventh Five-Year" achievements, the participants from the rational analysis of the township's "Twelfth Five-Year" Plan the difficulties and opportunities, swing chain have put forward new ideas: based on "three hundred" strategy, with the new transformation to upgrade traditional industries, develop advanced manufacturing and emerging industries, to enhance and optimize the industry structure.


Hardware and building materials companies listed or to set off a wave of

    Following the celebrity endorsements, cross-cutting business, the home building industry or to set off a market trend. In recent years, with the rise of many high-quality brand in circulation, home building materials brands brewing endless listing of news, many people believe that the future of home building materials market is the only way for enterprises bigger and stronger.


Liuzhou City intends to build large-scale mechanical and electrical hardware market

   La Road, Liuzhou, No. 2 chicken after another in the blue building high-shelf market, quite a concern. It is understood that this is still being built, a mechanical and electrical hardware market, a site area of ??broad, perfect and reasonable layout, built after the hardware market will improve the trading environment in Liuzhou.


Siu Lam common technology platform hardware upgrades boost professional town

   "Since 2007, a total of 800 service enterprises, testing batches of 629 times, testing costs for enterprises to save more than 200 million received by the enterprise." Xiaolan, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, metal testing laboratory head said recently. It is understood, Xiaolan Xiaolan metal testing laboratory is for optimization and upgrading of traditional industries, metal products formed, the construction of the laboratory to avoid duplication of purchase test equipment business, greatly reduce test cost, effectively raising the Xiaolan Town Hardware Lock product quality.


Analysis resurgence of anti-dumping export puzzle Electrical storm Weapon

   As China continued to grow and develop mechanical and electrical industry, mechanical and electrical parts of foreign trade enterprises have gradually with international practice. But in the course of competition with foreign enterprises, foreign competition in the normal course of business not win, they often limit the use of trade remedy measures to suppress the relevant export enterprises in China, making the export of electromechanical products trade friction has become the way of the highway, "Tigers."


Raw materials rose Wote De innovative development of water appliances market

   Wo Tede in the first quarter of operation, is facing due to global market fluctuations and raw material prices, labor shortage and other business brought to various unfavorable factors. Wote De unite all people and actively innovative business thinking, and increase enterprise reform; to expand product functionality and development, enhance staff capacity and enhance corporate culture to stabilize the workforce and achieved gratifying results.swing chain Through the tireless efforts of people of all Wote De, serious and effective work done in the first quarter targets, and the operation scale of relative stability and steady economic growth.




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