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First half of the sales profit rate of China's steel industry was only 3.14%

    According to the recently held China Steel Industry Association executive director fourth second (enlarged) meeting news: the first half of this yeariron chain , China's steel industry to continue to save the rapid development of crude steel production reached 350 million tons, an increase of 9.6%.


Hardware industry analysis for brand positioning four steps

   Well-known marketing guru PhilipKotler said: significance of the corporate brand of pride and superiority, when the company is set up, brand strength or quality of service because of the formation of intangible brand positioning. So what is brand positioning? Simply put, the brand positioning is to occupy in the consumer mind the concept of a category, form their own unique characteristics, which participate in the competition, dominate the market. It is understood that a successful brand, must contain a position, all brand communication activities are designed to help the brand to build and strengthen this position,swing chain in order to influence consumer purchase decisions.


Qingdao Hardware & Electrical Fair will lift hundreds of brand-name industry "brand crisis"

  As everyone knows, "Butterfly Effect" refers to a dynamic system, small changes in initial conditions can bring the whole system of long-term huge chain reaction. In the last show among the well-known brand within the industry "butterfly effect", once effective, will have what kind of reaction? With the 2011 North Tenth China (Qingdao) International Hardware & Electrical Tools Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Qingdao Hardware & Electrical Fair") is approaching,swing chain pour into the exhibition industry, mechanical and electrical hardware brands more and more, the show highlights and characteristics are followed up more gradually. Recently learned that this Qingdao Hardware & Electrical Fair compared with previous years, this brand new breakthrough in business there, show the brand's "Butterfly Effect" is about to engulf the entire feather fan and even Qingdao, Shandong Hardware & Electrical Market.


The power disparity Hardware SMEs how to survive?

   Matthew (MatthewEffect), surely we have heard, referring to the strong stronger and the weak weaker phenomenon. In the metal industry, metal giants all the way to the development of smooth, irresistible force. Hurun Jin billion industry as foreign as the top ten richest in the rare real estate outside the enterprise, after the front line to do strategic planning, business development snowballed like magnificent, brilliant. While the hardware business, still in force struggling, trying to germinate the seeds in a crevice.


Steel production steel prices continue to be released last week by 0.3%

    Chinese Ministry of Commerce 21 Business Forecasting: by rising production costs, stock market decline in the impact of steel prices rose slightly. Last week (July 11 to 17) of domestic steel prices over the previous week (the same) rose 0.3% 145 * 2.5mm hot-rolled strip,swing chain Φ6.5mm high-speed wire rod, Φ12mm steel rose 0.8%, 0.7% and 0.4%.


Omega sued Taobao hardware industry to be alert to the network "cottage"

   July 20, Omega sued Taobao, the online "crazy" Biography, the rise of online shopping, so that the average consumer concerned about this matter abnormalities.
   Omega Ltd. alleged that year the company found that Qianlong an Taobao online sales of fake Omega watches advertising, display only price Omega Men's Watch 898 yuan, is a genuine one-tenth the price of a few, and the owner The table describes the "quality of protection available as genuine," is obviously fake.


Cabinet Hardware started reading five-state marketing microblogging

   For the cabinet so that the end consumer-oriented products in terms of how companies' weaves collar "is not a conventional sense of the PR work, to some extent been a matter of business survival.

    Do not you see the "fake-day Wangwang Hai" in a blue moon to expose liquid detergent containing carcinogens FWA microblogging to Blue Moon and the moment the industry to bear tremendous pressure and had to lower the noble head experts denied that .swing chain iron chain Recently an "Amway product development team" microblogging its large mass destruction even more terrible --- the original non-general is not cold on the micro-Bo 500 was a moment of Amway Corporation, the media pushed to the cusp, not not held a news conference to announce the so-called truth, the cost of repair costs and the cost is difficult to measure the brand.


Yangzi Air bought nearly a year delay on bad service

    July 13, Fenghua Yang consumers and dealers took nearly a year after a tug of war, and finally to spend that Taiwan "Yangtze" brand wall-mounted air conditioners.

     Last year (2010) August, consumers Fenghua Yang Chiang Hardware store in Fenghua, spent 2050 yuan to buy a "Yangtze"swing chain brand wall-mounted air conditioners. When the installer onsite installation found, because the air conditioner freon leak can not be cooling. Yang and stores representations for repairs or replacement of air conditioning requirements. Store operators for Jiang said store only "Yangtze" distributor, repair or replace only Fenghua Zhang dealers the right to decide. Yang Zhang called for a solution when found not cooling air conditioner fails, iron chain Zhang agreed to the first maintenance, repair can not be replaced, so that Yang go home and wait.


Insiders predict prices will not last long earth

   "Prices have been rising, rose to geometry? Plant not goods, when to stop?" Faced with the recent surge in RE prices increasing, more and more rare earth manufacturer issued a helpless voice. June 20, the domestic rare earth industry veteran, who declined to be named to the "Daily News" reporter, said rare-earth price if it is to meet the reasonable value range, the rational must be within the fluctuation range, and the current unilateral upward trend appears to be some outrageous.


Meet the demand to create demand the interaction of the revolution. Home appliance marketing

  People often say: "marketing is an art." In fact this looks very profound knowledge of the door, have the most simple purpose: to satisfy customer needs, and constantly create customer demand, for the sustainable development of the enterprises constantly inject new power.



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