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EMU damages caused by food for thought: Hardware industry compensation system to be improved

   Analysis of the legal profession for compensation scheme

    For July 23, 2011 motor car rear-end accident victims compensation agreement first came out, the Shanghai State Lawyer Ding Jinkun Financial Network yesterday issued a personal blog, "The motor car accident compensation scheme Wenzhou analysis" of a text.


Hardware mechanical and electrical industry, easy to build the brand, "Medley"

   Well-known marketing guru PhilipKotler said: significance of the corporate brand of pride and superiority, when the company is set up, brand strength or quality of service because of the formation of intangible brand positioning. So what is brand positioning? Simply put, the brand positioning is to occupy in the consumer mind the concept of a category, form their own unique characteristics, which participate in the competition, dominate the market. It is understood that a successful brand, must contain a position, all brand communication activities are designed to help the brand to build and strengthen this position,swing chain in order to influence consumer purchase decisions.



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