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On: demand of iron ore prices began to slow down a foregone conclusion

  The steel market has been weak in September, dragged down early once reached the highest position of the iron ore market during the year have begun to turn down.

    According to information revealed yesterday, the domestic iron powder market continued weakness in the road, watching the market a strong attitude. Weak ore imports do not change throughout the day inquiry sluggish pre-holiday slowdown in demand is a foregone conclusion.


Statistics: Last week, a number of car prices from the United States more than 80 million vehicles recalled

   Car manufacturers, including Hyundai Motor and rich Shisi Baru car last week from the U.S. to recall more than 80 million cars and trucks.

     Last week,plastisol coated chain Hyundai Motor to recall due to airbag malfunction 205,000 vehicles 2007-2008 model year Santa Fe and Veracruz; Subaru lever problems due to recall 295,000 vehicles 2002-2007 models,swing chain due to wiper motor failure recall of 195,000 vehicles 2010-2011 model year Legacy and Outback, the glass ceiling issues recall for 70,000 vehicles and 2011 Legacy Outback models; Kia recall 10,000 cars due to procedural failure Sorento 2007-2008; public problems due to recall 30,000 cars exhaust pipe 2011-2012 Jetta.


Industry Focus: sanitary industry in 2011 three major changes

  In 2011, there are many brands to promote sanitary "healthy" products, from Yuba to the bathtub, from tiles to sanitary ware bathroom fitting, all aspects of the approach to health. This trend of the past two years have been collared Jinling who attach great importance to industry professionals and consumers interviewed generally agreed that the bathroom renovation in 2011, whether they have physical health function will be a key consideration.


Global mold manufacturing power, "Lun Jian" Qi-Xiong strengths

  Mold manufacturing industry in the rapid development of small series will be the most robust development momentum of the seven countries made a order, hoping the other die companies can derive some experience.

    First, the Italian mold quality and efficient


Watch: Shandong promote energy-saving lamps in saving up to 2 billion kwh

  According to the Shandong Economic and Information Technology Commission, the "Eleventh Five-Year", Shandong Province, to promote energy-saving lamps cumulative 19.5 millioniron chain , 79.26 million yuan of funds to implement financial subsidies, the annual saving of 2.04 billion kwh.


Home improvement need to know: On the value of logs at the door

   Well known: high-end wooden doors wood doors be in the product, its cost and material cost of the production process it located in the high-end doors, the value of this embodiment are:

     A, value.

     Wood door refers to the selection of natural, precious wood as raw material processing and manufacturing of wooden doors. Varieties of walnut, cherry,plastisol coated chain maple, teak, oak, ash more than 10 species. Its main feature is the production of door parts and materials are of the same species inside and outside, no filler.


Market Watch: cabinet hardware value-oriented marketing to become a key

  It is reported that there are many cabinet companies in order to consolidate its strong brand position, increase marketing efforts in channel development, channel distribution, hard-terminal construction, soft terminal building, team building and supervision and evaluation system, and multi-pronged approach to build a comprehensive strength of the enterprise platform.


Personalized building hardware products, driven by wave of youth sought

  Youth trend driven personalized architectural hardware products sought

    In recent years, affected by the hot real estate market and driving, the renovation market has become increasingly prosperous. Renovated and now house the majority of the 80 young people, they use a variety of architectural hardware products, when more emphasis on product style and personal appearance and practical. Youth suffer from this trend, driven, personalized architectural hardware products have now become the main theme of the decoration market. "Recently, I visited the Chinese science and technology hardware city of Jincheng market six areas, a business owner for many years says plumbing hardware.


Mona Lisa to lead the National bath home market staged battle

  Although the National Day Golden Week from nearly a month, but the site has long been the major household brands to hang out the National Day promotional advertising, this year's National Day home market, will fall into the smoke being.


Focus on hot consumer trend of ceramic sanitary products three popular

    Ceramic sanitary ware products to create new brands and new styles is very important, ceramic ware shape monotonous and lacking in new ideas. Manufacturers are also aware of the problem, began design and development of novel style sanitary ware products, many are starting to market new,plastisol coated chain multi-functional sink, beautiful and practical bathroom cabinets, style more in line with the aesthetics of the toilet has increasingly become a consumer those who are hit.




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