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Private the loading-bit lock area of ​​public sites private how can we?

Longhua Road in the middle the road south on the sidewalk, two merchants in front of her house, the placement of parking with parking lock, occupy the sidewalk. On the sidewalk in front of Pukui Street in the sea of second-hand phone market, I do not know when erected among roadside small trees angle iron, pull chains, and no parking will be permitted on the warning signs hanging on. Lot has deformed resulting circle of small wrought swing chain iron fence, activities really affect the visual impact.

The nanostructured coatings research progress and development trend

    With the world attaches great importance to environmental protection, increasing the quality of life and the continuous development of various high-tech industries, the performance requirements of the coating is also rising. Paint products, environmental protection, health, high-performance, multi-functional and intelligent development is an inevitable demand of social development. However, the rapid development of the coatings industry today, the traditional the resin synthesis method or coating formulations designed to further enhance the performance and development of the existing coating new generation of functional coatings space has plastisol coated chain become smaller and smaller. For nearly 10 years, a series of studies at home and abroad, nanomaterials and nanotechnology applications can break through the technical bottleneck of the traditional the resin synthesis method and the coating preparation methods to achieve the traditional coating high performance and new functional coating provides possible. , At home and abroad mainly around the new resin synthesis method, the introduction of nanoparticles and coating the surface of the nano-structure design and construction undertaken the preparation of nanostructured coatings research, and some progress has been made.



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