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Management story: habits and nature

 A small pillar, a length of thin chain tied maintained an extremely heavy weight of the elephant, this not absurd? This ridiculous scene everywhere in India and the state of Qin. Those tame Elephant Man, when the elephant or baby elephant with a chain tied it on the swing chain cement column or steel column, regardless of the baby elephant how struggling are unable to break free. Baby elephant gradually accustomed to not struggle, until you grew up and became an elephant can easily break free iron chain of the chains, not struggling.

Research progress of rubber products, surface coatings with fluoride

Rubber products by virtue of their unique excellent characteristics with modern synthetic rubber technology and processing industries are maturing, more and more applications to the automotive, electronics, aerospace and other high-tech fields. Meanwhile, the performance requirements plastisol coated chain of the rubber products more and more stringent, but the rubber material itself in the harsh environment of high temperature, high radiation, high pollution, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, abrasion resistance deficiencies, and affect their life and range of applications. The properties of the rubber products depends largely on the performance of its surface layer, so the surface of the rubber products for coating modified, can be effective in prolonging the period of use of the rubber products.



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