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The modified coating material acrylic resin performance analysis and prospects

Acrylic resin has light color, high transparency, shiny and plump, tough coating, strong adhesion, corrosion resistance and other characteristics of the coating material. Acrylic resin in certain situations, there are some defects, such as hardness, stain resistance, solvent plastisol coated chain resistance, mechanical properties are not good enough and high costs limit its further application N4O. In recent years, with the the polymerization of continuous improvement and development of technology, as well as people on the importance of environmentally friendly products, acrylic resin modified by the extensive attention. Domestic and foreign scholars have carried out a large number of in-depth research, the use of organic silicon, organic fluorine, epoxy, polyurethane, nanomaterials modified acrylic resin, achieved fairly good results. In this paper, the research and application of acrylic resin modified in recent years to make an introduction.



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