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Meizhou hardware locks enterprise brand awareness is enhanced

In 2011, due to the "three tenors two shortage", guangdong's meizhou hardware locks enterprise to suffer to shock, but part of the brand awareness strong hardware locks enterprise actively enhance its ability to resist risk, they through the upgrade the quality of products, will be humanized principle and high-tech elements into product research, development and production, to speed up the transformation and upgrade, this part of the lock in crisis and high success more likely.


Hardware hand tools to make the high value added products internationalization

Now the Chinese hardware industry at least 70% for private enterprises in China, the main force of hardware industry development. Although a few years before the financial crisis to our country hardware export influence slightly, but from 1999 to and is improving, export income from 1995 in to $2.76 billion in, up to $1999 in 3.847 billion, up 71.74%, and the average annual growth 11.4%, has been steadily increased after. Domestic hardware market dynamic, China Daily hardware industry entered the world, the top from 1996 up to now, China has established a zipper, electricity shaving implement, stainless steel, iron pot for vessels, the blade, bicycle locks 14 technology development center, and the center at present, most development as an industry to the outside world, some already became the world pioneering m-banking projects, such as the production of the zipper transformed group production value more than 320 million yuan; China has gradually become the world powers and export processing hardware power, China export hardware industry, are now, plastisol coated chain...

Industry low threshold to hardware locks market confusion

Hardware locks in hardware everywhere on the market, the brand, no brand, anyhow is good and evil people mixed up, hardware locks enterprise into line low threshold, many hardware locks enterprise product variety, quality requirement is not high, the price is cheap, so have a market, the lower the threshold of hardware locks market will bring hardware locks the overall market threshold low. Even hardware locks enterprises have a advanced patent technology, and then the hardware locks market appear similar locks products. The threshold of the hardware locks everywhere is low, the locks of the protected consciousness weak patent. In the current environment, locks industry to low threshold hardware locks market turmoil.



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