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Shenli main product swing chain,iron chain.

Of metal products "put on" brand elegant walk loaded the T station

    Well-known knowledge of life, assuming a plant out of the clothes, the flea market on the value of 20; in value 100 ordinary mall; the value of the label affixed NIKE 300-500 block; So how is the brand or LV VERSACE may value on a million units. Of course, do not deny that, in the process of appreciation of the quality of products are constantly upgraded, and if the quality and spread, like LV, I am afraid the big face beneath it.


Baise is accelerating the rise of the aluminum industry into an economic engine

     January to July this year, the city's industrial output increased by 32.2%. What is noticeable is the aluminum industry is speeding up, becoming the city's economic development engine. From January to July, the city's aluminum industry was 21.11 billion yuan industrial output value, iron chain accounting for scale industrial output value of 53%.


Heilongjiang's foreign trade structure, mechanical and electrical adjustment of the export highlights frequent

   I learned from the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Commerce, the first seven months of this year, the province's import and export of electromechanical products achieved $ 4.096 billion, an increase of 30.14%, a record high. Among this, exports $ 3.44 billion, an increase of 46.2%, the province's plastisol coated chain total exports accounted for 30.4%. A batch of own brand equipment industry leading enterprises rising export of electromechanical products in our province, to promote the restructuring of the province's exports growing role.


"Interest rate restriction" go strong incoming Bathroom Hardware

    2011 pairs and sanitary industry, the New Deal, the central bank to raise interest rates, the purchase of such series of measures to the bathroom business is a big influence, also the corresponding impact on the hardware industry. Then the bathroom hardware business is not the difficulty, hardware prices will be what change is an issue worthy of our attention.


Watch the show large numbers of different interpretation of the China International Hardware Show

  China International Hardware Show (ChinaInternationalHardwareShow) (CIHS), founded in 2001 by the International Federation of hardware and household support, China National Hardware Association, Cologne, Germany International Exhibition Co., Ltd., the National Federation of Hardware & Electrical Association, CCPIT China Light Industry Sub-Council co-sponsored. CIHS positioned "to promote the healthy development to build 'market-oriented and technology-oriented" services platform ", emphasizing the domestic trade, foreign trade markets and balanced development, plastisol coated chain and guide enterprises to" walking on two legs ";" trade, exchange, friends. " is the usual exhibition concept. China International Hardware Show (CIHS) since it was launched in 2001 in terms of size, quantity and quality buyers, exhibitors and exhibits representative, or international, professional services, are an industry leader. China's most mature, international, professional show one of the highest degree of hardware, the size of the swing chain second largest in the world, influence the whole world.


Cool sports bikes witnessed the trend of the times the pace of hardware

    From the inception of bicycles, bicycle on with the social development of continuous development.

     Schiffplastisol coated chain Mubarak from the French design in 1791 began the first bicycle, the bicycle industry, opened a prelude to the development. To today's bicycle industry has been a century of history, with the continuous development of the bicycle, the last two years, swing chain there was a different concept of design trends.


Hardware independent marketing companies to brand big thinking

  Whether through the media involved in reporting on the show, or in the Internet branding, the hardware companies can indirectly through the exhibition of media advantages and advantages of the Internet to create their own network for the promotion, with minimum capital investment to achieve the best results. For the hardware business, take part in professional exhibitions and the corresponding hardware to do some promotion of the network is necessary, and not only can get the order, drive sales,plastisol coated chain the cost can be achieved with minimal branding purposes. In fact, the hardware companies do not want to do the brand, do not want to advertise, but it is because enterprises are small, limited financial resources, not big business as easily take hundreds of thousands of advertising.


Chang: China urged to build industrial upgrading hardware accessories town

    Chang-Jin Ha metal jewelry accessories market with 20 years of development history, Ha Jin has become a pillar industry of the community. This year,plastisol coated chain Jin Ha Jin Ha theater community programs will be transformed into metal jewelry flagship market, guidance and support hardware accessories to the high precision and direction.


Hardware road network marketing how to choose

    Attention economy, attention economy, these claims have been made for many years, with the rapid development of Internet in recent years, more and more clearly reflect these characteristics. The major sites and businesses, are resorted to diarrhea stops, fighting for the user's eye. In this regard, I am most impressed Carleton University professor of Sina and recent sessions of the CHINAJOY.


Yongkang Hardware chain to explore the Secret source hardware development

    Yongkang in the history of metal is famous, "hundreds of hands of the township" and "hardware village", the reform and opening up, the rapid development of hardware industry, metal industry output value accounted for 90% of total industrial output value, accounting for 60% of GDP, annual tax 61.5 billion yuan, accounting for 80% of total fiscal revenue is strong, employing more than 20 million,iron chain accounting for 50% of the city's total labor.



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