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Omega sued Taobao hardware industry to be alert to the network "cottage"

   July 20, Omega sued Taobao, the online "crazy" Biography, the rise of online shopping, so that the average consumer concerned about this matter abnormalities.
   Omega Ltd. alleged that year the company found that Qianlong an Taobao online sales of fake Omega watches advertising, display only price Omega Men's Watch 898 yuan, is a genuine one-tenth the price of a few, and the owner The table describes the "quality of protection available as genuine," is obviously fake.


Cabinet Hardware started reading five-state marketing microblogging

   For the cabinet so that the end consumer-oriented products in terms of how companies' weaves collar "is not a conventional sense of the PR work, to some extent been a matter of business survival.

    Do not you see the "fake-day Wangwang Hai" in a blue moon to expose liquid detergent containing carcinogens FWA microblogging to Blue Moon and the moment the industry to bear tremendous pressure and had to lower the noble head experts denied that .swing chain iron chain Recently an "Amway product development team" microblogging its large mass destruction even more terrible --- the original non-general is not cold on the micro-Bo 500 was a moment of Amway Corporation, the media pushed to the cusp, not not held a news conference to announce the so-called truth, the cost of repair costs and the cost is difficult to measure the brand.


Yangzi Air bought nearly a year delay on bad service

    July 13, Fenghua Yang consumers and dealers took nearly a year after a tug of war, and finally to spend that Taiwan "Yangtze" brand wall-mounted air conditioners.

     Last year (2010) August, consumers Fenghua Yang Chiang Hardware store in Fenghua, spent 2050 yuan to buy a "Yangtze"swing chain brand wall-mounted air conditioners. When the installer onsite installation found, because the air conditioner freon leak can not be cooling. Yang and stores representations for repairs or replacement of air conditioning requirements. Store operators for Jiang said store only "Yangtze" distributor, repair or replace only Fenghua Zhang dealers the right to decide. Yang Zhang called for a solution when found not cooling air conditioner fails, iron chain Zhang agreed to the first maintenance, repair can not be replaced, so that Yang go home and wait.


Insiders predict prices will not last long earth

   "Prices have been rising, rose to geometry? Plant not goods, when to stop?" Faced with the recent surge in RE prices increasing, more and more rare earth manufacturer issued a helpless voice. June 20, the domestic rare earth industry veteran, who declined to be named to the "Daily News" reporter, said rare-earth price if it is to meet the reasonable value range, the rational must be within the fluctuation range, and the current unilateral upward trend appears to be some outrageous.


Meet the demand to create demand the interaction of the revolution. Home appliance marketing

  People often say: "marketing is an art." In fact this looks very profound knowledge of the door, have the most simple purpose: to satisfy customer needs, and constantly create customer demand, for the sustainable development of the enterprises constantly inject new power.


How to improve the low carbon environmental protection authorities of aluminium alloy door energy-saving performance

   Aluminum alloy doors and Windows has a good performance, light weight, beautiful, daylighting is good, durable, easy recovery and utilization rate again profiles high, no environmental pollution and so on characteristics loved by the people. But the box the worse performance of thermal insulation material characteristics of aluminum window and influence the performance. Thus, improving its insulating and energy-saving performance is aluminum alloy doors and Windows in the future the key point is to solve the technical problems,swing chain and also is the development direction of door window enterprise.


Steel industry: steel prices continue to decline to give an "overweight" rating

   Market rebound this week, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 3.91% week, including the steel plate or 3.95%. This week the first half weeks due to weather greater impact on downstream demand, steel prices continued the trend last week, continued to decline sharply. Rain eased off the South later this week, purchase a certain terminal recovery, steel prices have stabilized. From the sub-sector performance, the Japanese steel orders have a car to restore. In addition to laundry appliance industry, large orders for better air conditioners,swing chain refrigerators appliances, large enterprises will have a certain replenishment. Construction orders acceptable short-term may be influenced by the weather. The small area of ??metal industry has discontinued the proliferation of procurement in the doldrums. Steel pessimistic expectations for the third quarter, reducing the procurement of raw materials. Industry started to rely on the protection of housing incremental start-up; domestic steel: steel prices accelerated this week, down. Southern half weeks still rains plagued the already weak demand even more sluggish.


Construction of LED lighting products sales channel analysis of seven major strategies

   It is understood that LED according to the product in the channel construction mainly in the secondary distribution market, perhaps not to the timing of sub-channels, and LED lighting and more targeted at high-end business customers, high-end projects. LED commercial lighting market and orders due to the final design, engineering firms, home improvement design of these "hidden channel" to promote.


Vietnam Steel Association proposed to stop export of iron ore

     According to reports, the Vietnam Steel Association has sent a letter to Prime Minister Ruan Zhiqiang and related departments, it is recommended to stop the export of iron ore.

     Vietnam Steel Association said that the current Vietnamese pig iron production capacity of about 180 million tons, swing chain but is still more than the blast furnace was built, so the latter part of Vietnam's growing demand for iron ore.


Yongkang do cutting-edge R & D Center into the campus boost Hardware Industry

     Jin Hua Yongkang open to car along State Road 330 to open, you will see a school established by the roadside card: Zhejiang Yongkang vocational and technical schools. Facade does not look big in this school, one graduate per year quarter, the company CEOs will be driving a BMW to school "rush" of people.



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