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Hardware Industry Development path resolution low-carbon economy

    Passed the era of the Internet to lead the economy, the financial lead the economy is over, and then the next one who is leading the economy? - Low-carbon economy. This knowledge spread like a smell in the country.

    If we say "low-carbon economy" was a slogan, then the financial crisis prompted into action it is, relying on oil and gas "carbon economy" is already facing recession, select the "low-carbon lifestyle",swing chain the "low carbon consumption "has become a fashionable topic of the moment. The search for business opportunities in low-carbon economy is becoming entrepreneurs, new thinking - "The more green the more money." For the hardware business, in seeking to develop business opportunities in low-carbon economy, energy conservation,iron chain transformation and upgrading is the key. International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Deputy Secretary-General Wang Jinling International Mould Machinery Industry Forum, pointed out that hardware companies can keep the majority of government policies, industrial restructuring, energy management contract to proceed on three aspects.


Analysis of three factors constraining the development of the brand cabinet hardware

    Currently, each of us every day with the cabinet hardware closely linked to the market still does not appear so far in a relatively well-known leading brand. The 21st century is a century of brand consumption, consumers are more inclined to buy any goods choose the brand, especially a trusted brand.


Golden Tiger Tools High star: hardware industry to do the best bolt cutter

    March 9 -11 May, th China International Hardware Fair in Shanghai New International Expo Center opened. 3-day conference, nearly 2,000 exhibitors. Scale is the largest China International Hardware Fair previous one.

    In this exhibition,swing chain HC metal mesh as a professional press reports, the deputy general manager of Xuzhou Golden Tiger Tools Making Co., Ltd. High-star for an in-depth interview.


Cabinet industry, highlighting the lack of competition in the market self-regulation disorder

    Cabinet industry is developing rapidly in recent years, most large-scale expansion of the brand into the market becoming more mature. But in the bustling behind the cabinet industry's status quo remains, there are many problems on the development of the industry brought great resistance of the industry's healthy development, swing chain also causing the majority of owners are vulnerable during the time of consumption of interest cabinet damage.


Star of successful cases of joint rights Inspiration


    / Hear the pass / -2009 years in the furniture industry, the patent rights lead to the case of hot ? Star Hardware Co., Ltd. v. United Foshan Shida Hardware Plant patent infringement case before the sentencing. In favor of Joint STARS! United Star brings us behind the success of what rights the Enlightenment? Companies continue to innovate while protecting intellectual property rights,swing chain how?


The real door and window hardware accessories should have the function of what

    In many of the show we have seen many well-known company doors and windows, looks pretty good, electrophoresis aluminum, or even fluorocarbon coating of aluminum, the configuration of hollow glass, color, style and diverse, but the opening is not flexible, shaking a large, unreasonable allocation . This is not the result of attention to hardware.


Shagang steel mills to correct the excessive rise down

    Officially with the large steel mills cut prices to correct the excessive pre-market gains of steel. Yesterday, the nation's largest private steel company in mid-March introduction of the sand section steel price policy.

    Prices in early March, based on the high sand steel wire, steel prices by 300 yuan / ton, plate screw down 400 yuan / ton. The magnitude of the market even more than the previous rumors of 250 yuan / ton of decline.


Fujian Shishi textile and garment industry into high-cost era

    After the Spring Festival this year, textile and garment raw materials, labor and other factors of production costs continued to rise, production costs remain high, Shishi City, the textile and garment industry a pillar industry into the high-cost era, forcing the lions down to speed up transformation and upgrading of textile and garment industry, the pace of .


Shenyang: State special high-tech industrial base of CNC machine tools

    February 25, from Shenyang City Science and Technology Bureau, "National Special Shenyang High-tech industrial base of CNC machine tools" project by the Ministry of Science and formally recognized, marking the Shenyang City, the development of special CNC machine tool industry has risen to national science and technology at the strategic level.


Second five locks to adjust sound and rapid development to strengthen the industry

    Lock industry in 2010 is still facing unprecedented difficulties and challenges, the export exchange rate changes, the cost of raw material prices and increased instability.
    Many businesses decline, benefits decline, in the grim situation, the system locks Branch of China National Hardware Association's leadership, in accordance with work plans and Hardware Association chapter program of work early,swing chain serious work in the member units and related units support collaboration, through active efforts and achieved good results.



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