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Expand domestic hardware industry horse race circle xu li expansion

Throughout the world economic development history, every time a major crisis will bring economic structure and the industrial division to "shuffle", forming a new enterprise rise of historic opportunities. In the financial crisis period, hardware industry is facing such opportunities, whether through the adjustment of economic structure rapid upper, see the hardware enterprise can accurate timing. For guangdong jieyang this give priority to with export of old hardware industry base for, iron chain suppliers...

Oil prices break eight hardware and enterprise call doesn't hurt

The national development and reform commission announced that, from this day, domestic oil prices rise 00:00 finished product, gasoline and diesel prices are 600 yuan per ton increase, through this adjustment, oil prices has entered the era of 8 yuan. The commission said, according to the international oil prices as rise, there should be in the range of 700 yuan per ton.


Along with economic development the big swing hardware accessories industry to enter the setting

Reform and opening up 30 years, along with the development of economy in China big wave of hardware fittings made progress and development. Especially in recent years, with industry scale and influence and product technology content industry, and other aspects of the great long exhibition, has set up a file in the world has a place in the situation of the hardware.


The next five years global hardware tools industry into the rapid growth

Tools as an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry and cutting processing to the important process equipment, decided the manufacturing industry in parts processing efficiency, the precision,plastisol coated chain quality and cost. Modern advanced manufacturing technology is leading the enterprise by the customer, our users will take the head, to lead a large number of material supplier, machine tool supplier development.


Hardware locks high-end market competition is intense

Locks with our life, it is related to every family, unit and public safety. With the rapid development of economy, all sorts of design, material, structure, function of professional locks products are endless. Along with our country house, car, high-grade office buildings and hotel key industry of rapid development, and national defense, public security, public finance system with high defensive locks to product demand of strengthened day by day, high-grade locks wide prospect of market.


The eu hardware industry new measures to improve the our country product requirements

Power tool is the whole society and most widely used hardware tools,plastisol coated chain along with time and the progress of the society, power tool market developing rapidly, and all kinds of electric tools due to various aspects quality problem to the injury of the consumers also occurs frequently, and therefore, the various countries to domestic market electric tool requirement is becoming more strict.


Sanitary industry bold attempt to aluminum metal or into the market to be bestowed favor on newly

Sanitary hardware more bronze as raw materials, the main reason is that copper aluminum alloy material is not like that is easy to rust, also not easy oxidation, but as close to a two years of copper prices, many hardware enterprise began to find the right substitutes to produce sanitary hardware products. According to information, aluminum in sanitary hardware used in the great potential of the rise in recent years, although aluminum easy oxidation, but advanced coating solved the trouble. While other deficiencies are also improved, believe that in the near future, the aluminum hardware will capture a slice of heaven and earth.


2012: the packaging machinery hardware development key explored

In recent years, deep processing of agricultural products in China for the total investment reached more than 320 yuan, processing and packing equipment imports more than 80%. Foreign packaging machinery in recent years have some new characteristics, the development of China packaging machinery key for corrugated line, the box (box),plastisol coated chain...

South Africa seventy percent hardware need importation September can go to chongqing enterprises "gold rush,"

South Africa World Cup in combat, today from city again came from good news. 2011 zhuhai for the first time in September group will be held in South Africa "in 2010 South Africa international hardware exhibition". According to the exhibition office from head says South Africa more than seventy percent of the hardware need to be imported,plastisol coated chain chongqing enterprises to "gold rush," can be.


2012 stainless steel hardware industry whole development trend guess

Introduction: as the world has become one of the hardware production power, and gradually become the world metal processing power and export power, our country has broad market and consumption potential. With the development of social economy, stainless steel hardware industry in the new situation also will present new trend.plastisol coated chain In "the green more money" of the "1025" era, energy saving, intelligent product is popular, only keen insight into the development of the industry trend to let go of the solid enterprise for a long time.



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