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Shenli main product swing chain,iron chain.

Spot iron ore platform try to rob water international pricing


By the end of 2011, was originally two spot iron ore online trading platform ready to launch time. One is the office in Singapore and London's global spot iron ore trade platform (GlobalORE)iron chain , the other is the Beijing international mining right exchange (ore said north) plans to release of Chinese iron ore spot trading platform.


The dragon of cooking wine hero hardware the auto parts market into BoBo incense

The dragon will come, engineering machinery giants are all expect in the year ahead in the market can blustery, head become the leading way. Look back a year, the American market for preemptive engineering machinery, the situation. Financing lease, mortgage payments sale means emerge in endlessly, it is kill very dark. But after years of development, loaders, excavators the market has been close to the saturated, it is difficult to emerge in early potential of the blowout. plastisol coated chain Believe in next year's engineering machinery market will not like people to guess the so smooth. The eyes of the European debt crisis for Europe to import and export market suffered serious influence, swing chain when the debt "clouds" migrating to the head is likely to let the market outlook more depression. For now we should focus on the market there?


Backward mechanical and electrical equipment or enjoy special encourage capital

Behind the gas-guzzling mechanical and electrical equipment eliminated will speed up the process.

The author 22 is that, for better achieve energy conservation and emission reductions, letter will work actively set up a special fund to encourage backward mechanical and electrical equipment. iron chain At the same time, the third batch of the mechanical and electrical equipment behind gas-guzzling (product) eliminated catalogue is also expected to released as soon as possible. The personage inside course of study thinks, the production of advanced mechanical and electrical equipment of the enterprise is expected to sit enjoy positive news.


Reading: the development of concrete machine in China top priority

Issued by the ministry of industry and information engineering machinery "1025" development planning, is our country construction machinery in the next five years, the "XuanYanShu", China is the engineering machinery development direction and power. The national engineering machinery enterprise spirit according to plan, develop their own strategic goals and vision. "1025" programming, forecast of 900 billion sales scale, become a few big enterprise engineering machinery of cake pan. Three of the big enterprise planning of (100 billion, 300 billion, 350 billion) 750 billion, plastisol coated chain the other three of 200 billion also super. The sets of data shows that they value engineering machinery is in "1025" period is still a good prospects for development; Also shows our country construction machinery big enterprise's chief executive to realize the planning ambition and to the world of the strategic measures. swing chain The realization of the planning, one is that our country will construction machinery industry will have 2 ~ 3 scale corresponds to the American company's enterprise carter appear; 2 that is in the world's top 500 in China construction machinery big enterprise's status; Three from world engineering machinery production value to see, by 2010 China will account for 43% of the world's 2015 years to reach more than 70% of the share, become the real world engineering machinery manufacturing power.


Domestic construction machinery industry out of trouble reading Suggestions

Compared with last year's sales boom year, the year of the market going already let manufacturers arounDomestic construction machinery industry out of trouble reading Suggestions

Compared with last year's sales boom year, the year of the market going already let manufacturers around more than chilling, on the one hand, the yield crazy expansion, on the other hand, the industry's profits dropped sharply. This is a terrible signal, the price war damage, with huge increase in the price of raw materials, greatly weakened industry profitability. Domestic construction machinery market has entered the era of competition without boundary, plastisol coated chain China construction machinery market has already become construction machinery manufacturers at home and abroad a battleground, and new in domestic and foreign manufacturers bringing competitive threat, swing chain must rely on the price to blindly fight the market the enterprise bring the fatal blow.


The rural market resurrection hardware industry "organic can be found"

As is known to all, hardware industry marketing methods and some industry in comparison relatively backward. When the pharmaceutical industry, beverage industry, household electrical appliance industry, the IT industry, have the network marketing, terminal war, depth, distribution, advertising strategies, telephone marketing, distribution partners such as the marketing skills quickly use old, hardware manufacturers in the industry still shortsighted,iron chain not effective application of these modern marketing tool.


United_pets hardware knife cut industry production and marketing situation survey analysis

The author learn from concerned branch, yangjiang in successive years vigorously promote hardware knife cut industry transformation and upgrading of initial success, in the face of difficult situation, the industry is on a production and marketing contrarian wave red development situation.


Hardware tools development space are huge individuation development trend

Hardware industry development space are very great. Through the study of more than 80000 consumers and retail, hardware market survey, about 30% of the hardware product demand from the building decorates, 50% of the products of the hardware suppliers depends on some domestic supply capacity. More families hope to see more of the hardware products provided by retailers. But it is a great pity that our market research is very limited. Such as after investigation,iron chain we found that in the whole the design of the kitchen, each year is 16% of the market demand increase, but as retailers, must want to understand the market and the demand of customer, and then according to their needs work out the solution, in the sales process to pay attention to some.


"Wake up the body" red network hardware JiDianYe blasting how be awakened

Since a 44-year-old woman in jiangxi province in the car accident after a coma, and constantly hear family in its ear "around" the "up to play mahjong, then SanQueYi",plastisol coated chain the woman finally awakening! From now on "sensei body was born, this version number of professional" sensei body "critical red network! So how to awaken hardware and enterprise advertisement publicity of sensitive nerve? This in what form, and how to make ads maximum efficacy, these are worth enterprise deep thinking.


Electricity price rise hardware and enterprise survival increased burden

Recently, the national development and reform commission announced the sale price of electricity per degree (KWH) by an average of about three cents, residents of electricity price system electricity price rise trial ladder, a series of energy reform policy. These policies on one hand, reduce the power generation enterprise burden,iron chain on the other hand actually increased the hardware and enterprise of pressure.



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