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2011 hardware industry enterprise's three big "revelation"

Near the year end, many industry enterprises and institutions are in or racking my brains to 2011 years of planning development planning and blueprints, the hardware enterprise is no exception.

2011 is the golden years, because it is "plastisol coated chain 1025" planning the first years of formal,swing chain many support the development of the enterprise new sunshine policy will be cast in the first time "birth", for the domestic public enterprise certainly is not a Gospel.


Emissions standards restricting our hardware engineering machinery exports

Introduction: the Chinese hardware engineering machinery products, if you want to enter the developed western countries, emission standard is set up in China before the enterprise the most direct a threshold. Although the European and American market existing "emissions barriers", the expert points out, China's local engineering machinery enterprise in Latin American countries are still has upside.


According to the Chinese pump valve industry foreground and existing disadvantages

The development of the pump valve industry and real estate, construction, industrial, construction project of the industry development is closely linked. In recent years, by domestic good investment environment and infrastructure of deepening policy, our country pump valve industry will continue the development of growth from new opportunities.


South Korean electronics industry research: LED lighting is the future development of the center of gravity

Rise in South Korea LED legion. In recent years, along with the samsung LED, LGInnotek and Seoul semiconductor companies such as emerging, South Korea LED industry in Asia status has been rapidly, become a day, a strong opponent. Among them, the south Korean government plays a very important role, in one down the government iron chain force drove samsung, LG, large group directly into key industry, on the other hand has issued a series of policy support, such as "15/30 popularization plan", "green growth state strategy" and "green LED lighting popularization development program", etc, drive the whole South Korea LED industry upstream and downstream to grow rapidly.


"Sea salt fasteners" success HuoPing "zhejiang area famous brand"

According to information, at the end of November, China aerospace science and industry group Co., LTD. And the space seiko haiyan is standard parts industry cooperation signing up for,plastisol coated chain sea salt will use the space research and manufacture of core technology seiko advantages and scholars from renmin brand, policy, capital, technology, channels and other advantages, combined with the advantages of the industry standard sea salt and resources, conduct capital levels, business level, the technical level, swing chain logistics, supply chain strategies more level, comprehensive cooperation. 3 years or above 15 companies in haiyan establish cooperation enterprise. The total income of cooperation unit business scale 3 years to achieve 5 billion yuan of above.


To speed up the pace of transformation in China JiDianYe hardware strategy

Recently, the private enterprises in China federation and China statistical association, Beijing university institute of private enterprises in China coalition of 2011 China top 500 private enterprise survey ranking work successfully completed, and to the public.


Yongkang hardware industry transformation and upgrading of the present situation and the way analysis

The author: would you please tell me something about the present situation of yongkang hardware industry.

Yongkang vice mayor Yang early f: history,plastisol coated chain yongkang hardware handicraft industry developed, hardware product is well-known in China. Have something called "hardware craftsman go the four winds, from FuXian county's health", it is the vivid reflection.


3C hardware business application must know the process for type testing

 For hardware production and operators, it is near the end of the year, quality problems are often easily overlooked, and even many business operators are not very understanding of 3C certification, then the hardware tool enterprises to apply what steps need 3C certification it?


Seco Tools new product launches in autumn 2011 come to an end

October 17, SecoNewsLaunch # 2 Seco Fall 2011 first new product launch was held in Tianjin, which opened the second half Seco prelude to a new product launch tour. The five-week conference, then have fought in Deyang, Baotou, Liuzhou, Dalian, Xiangfan, six major industrial cities such as Suzhou. As the terminus of roving release, November 25 press conference held in Suzhou, a complete success, based event drawing to a successful conclusion.


Chinese demand for wire and cable market in Vietnam, "hungry"

   According to reports,iron chain the Ministry of Industry and Trade, said more high-quality wire and cable through the Mong Cai in Vietnam's ports sold in the market in southwest China maintained a good momentum and a growing trend. The third quarter of 2011, the first two months, various types of wire, cable exports were 200 tons / month, swing chain 170 tons / month. Into September, has signed contracts for various wire and cable, respectively, the trading volume of 280 tons, 200 tons, growth of 40%. Since the beginning date, the main export of Guangxi wire and cable market, part of the export of Guangzhou. Contract signed in September, almost all of our customers come from Guizhou Province, Yunnan Province, and extends forward. Southwest China's exports to high-quality wire and cable business-effective,plastisol coated chain compared with 20% higher than domestic sales.




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