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Shenli main product swing chain,iron chain.

The market observed: "winter" pretty car too warm winter car

www.shenlichain.comRecently, the weather every day and cold the snowfall yesterday brought a thick winter atmosphere, in such cold weather, the people who always want to stay in a warm environment. For car owners, car dressed cozy warmth of course essential, so the car "winter" market ushered in one of the busiest season of the year.

Management story: habits and nature

 A small pillar, a length of thin chain tied maintained an extremely heavy weight of the elephant, this not absurd? This ridiculous scene everywhere in India and the state of Qin. Those tame Elephant Man, when the elephant or baby elephant with a chain tied it on the swing chain cement column or steel column, regardless of the baby elephant how struggling are unable to break free. Baby elephant gradually accustomed to not struggle, until you grew up and became an elephant can easily break free iron chain of the chains, not struggling.

Private the loading-bit lock area of ​​public sites private how can we?

Longhua Road in the middle the road south on the sidewalk, two merchants in front of her house, the placement of parking with parking lock, occupy the sidewalk. On the sidewalk in front of Pukui Street in the sea of second-hand phone market, I do not know when erected among roadside small trees angle iron, pull chains, and no parking will be permitted on the warning signs hanging on. Lot has deformed resulting circle of small wrought swing chain iron fence, activities really affect the visual impact.

American Retro doing old furniture coating process techniques

Pretreatment of wood finishes
    The substrate processing is a successful first swing chain step in painting, but also a necessary condition of the complete set of quality products. So the quality of the wood surface treatment, related to the pros and cons of the painting and the finished product. American painting before processing the following:

Hardware hand tools to make the high value added products internationalization

Now the Chinese hardware industry at least 70% for private enterprises in China, the main force of hardware industry development. Although a few years before the financial crisis to our country hardware export influence slightly, but from 1999 to and is improving, export income from 1995 in to $2.76 billion in, up to $1999 in 3.847 billion, up 71.74%, and the average annual growth 11.4%, has been steadily increased after. Domestic hardware market dynamic, China Daily hardware industry entered the world, the top from 1996 up to now, China has established a zipper, electricity shaving implement, stainless steel, iron pot for vessels, the blade, bicycle locks 14 technology development center, and the center at present, most development as an industry to the outside world, some already became the world pioneering m-banking projects, such as the production of the zipper transformed group production value more than 320 million yuan; China has gradually become the world powers and export processing hardware power, China export hardware industry, are now, plastisol coated chain...

Industry low threshold to hardware locks market confusion

Hardware locks in hardware everywhere on the market, the brand, no brand, anyhow is good and evil people mixed up, hardware locks enterprise into line low threshold, many hardware locks enterprise product variety, quality requirement is not high, the price is cheap, so have a market, the lower the threshold of hardware locks market will bring hardware locks the overall market threshold low. Even hardware locks enterprises have a advanced patent technology, and then the hardware locks market appear similar locks products. The threshold of the hardware locks everywhere is low, the locks of the protected consciousness weak patent. In the current environment, locks industry to low threshold hardware locks market turmoil.


Electric business times to incoming Chinese hardware and enterprise when borrow "potential" and out

This is a time to be missed. When the electronic commerce is you can't imagine the speed, seems to be trying to gathering strength and resources all the time, it is also restricted by its unique rhythm and change every industry survival mode. The ministry of commerce e-commerce and information department chief of nie linhai in "2012 China fourth mobile payment industry BBS" speech said "2011 China's e-commerce trade volume has close to 6 trillion". This may indicate the, not of e-commerce into enterprise will lose the future-" or electronic business, or no business can service "times seemingly has come.


The United States into the Chinese hardware tools accessories export important target market

The U.S. market is the Chinese hardware tools accessories export enterprise one of the important target market, understand the U.S. market organization structure of Chinese tools for enterprise to have the important meaning. The total size of DIY market to us $280 billion, has forty thousand retail channels. Two steps of the distribution channel represents the whole sale scale above 50%. They will pass a lot of retail branch for distribution.


Emission reduction pressure great hardware accessories enterprise need "carbon management"

Recently, JinMo nets CEO ROM the fai said, there are four big industry need to reduce the emissions of need, respectively is: energy, real estate, transport and manufacturing industry. Among them are mainly refers to manufacturing is engaged in the foreign trade enterprise, due to the international environmental protection concept should be considered, so reduction pressure is bigger, this among them with hardware fittings, toy and so on small and medium-sized manufacturing primarily.


2012 household hardware industry developing pluralistic intelligence into the trend

Household hardware according to the set can be divided into ordinary and special two kinds big, the former includes hinge, hinge slide, the latter including bathroom hardware and the kitchen to hang, etc. One hinge, slippery course, hinge and locks in the life to use the highest frequency, therefore is more important.



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