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Shenli main product swing chain,iron chain.

Hardware cost pressures facing the answer should be how to deal with

  When the storm comes, some of the bear attack the fragile bird; but Gorky described by Swallow shouting: "Let the storm to the more violent it!" Similarly, the survival of the fittest is the law applicable to the enterprise. Part of the enterprise to import "closures" torrent, the other part of the "Swallow" who courageously face the harsh environment of the growth of blood and tears Cross, restructuring and upgrading.


Lock doors and windows need to upgrade and development of raw materials prices to follow suit

   Recently copper, zinc and other metal downward fluctuations in raw material prices, customer order to recover funds, reduce inventory pressure, to ensure the sale, lock doors and windows to increase sales. Introduction of measures to expand domestic demand to ease a financial crisis some of the pressure, plastisol coated chain door and window locks domestic rally significantly. Lock doors and windows have a short rise of unprecedented development.


According to the valve industry efforts to develop domestic and international: valve market

First, must have the innovation consciousness. To have the innovation consciousness, will encourage firms to go all out, and grasp the opportunities. Wenzhou valve industry and other areas have many enterprise also used family workshop mode, need set up modern management idea, including market consciousness, sense of service, competitive awareness and crisis consciousness and so on. In the market, including the establishment of publicity platform,iron chain the promotion of the selection and on the media, customer looking for, new customer relationship, the establishment of business communication and exchange, the generation of new orders, to have long-term planning and measures. The valve industry also attach great importance to the technical development and innovation to forming technology development and the development of innovation mechanism.


Solar energy water heater industry must try to eliminate three big worries

Data shows, the solar energy water heater sales in 2007 has reached 12 million square meters, the industry production value of more than 13 billion yuan a year, and 20% ~ 30% of the speed of rapid development. But sales channel the efficiency is low, the market crisis, professional talents cultivation was extremely deficient, but worry that the whole situation of the solar industry in China is not optimistic, and the solar energy water heater plastisol coated chain industry in China to want to do more, you must work hard to remove the three big worries.


2011 our country wei yu the market price "to ups and downs"

This year, thanks to the rising prices of raw materials and other reasons, gave rise to the bathroom industry product price rise in the general, and at the same time, all over the country the wei yu product reignited the price war.

According to the bathroom industry price war, a ceramic experts have said: "if the lack of regulation, allow the enterprise to launch price war, finally the victims can only be the general consumers." The reason is that a line of wei yu the enterprise price, will squeeze other enterprise existence space that defend bath, because some other small and medium enterprise too weak and appear "speak" short weight, in passive.iron chain The experts for consumers, but he did hold the logic is very novel. According to his ideas, because your price, for in market occupies advantageous position enterprise may easily squeezed competitors, the sellers shall competition, difficulty in forming the consumers lose the choice leeway. Finally,swing chain the consumer and will eat the big board people kill deficit, so the price to get the regulation.


China's nonferrous metal new material industry development summit was held

7 day morning, non-ferrous metal industry in "and strategic emerging materials" as the theme of the 2011 China non-ferrous metal new material industry development summit held in Harbin, experts and the industry around "new structures and functional materials", "new functional materials",plastisol coated chain "new energy materials" three aspects of the project report and discussed. Total from domestic 61 house unit and more than 200 experts and professionals were at the meeting.


Analysis of the small and medium enterprises survive five bathroom hidden rules

   Some years ago, some sharp-eyed, a sense of bathroom companies have operations, but often there are good dealers do not recognize the product, the market rejected. In response, some companies believe that their quality is too high, some feel that the ability of domestic consumers recognize a problem, there's that lack of competition or market order, and so give up the flood tide.


Competition: domestic lighting brands and foreign brands to battle

  Lighting industry is developing rapidly, competition is fierce exception. April 9, China's Real Estate Assessment Center at the Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel officially released the "2009 Top 500 Chinese real estate development companies purchase preferred building materials brands list." In the lighting category list, the NVC developers get the most popular, won the top spot, Philips ranked second, followed by Op, higher than the market share of the three major brands, to form a pattern of three male Dingli , and Matsushita, Mitsuo Aurora, Benjamin, TCL, Di Bao,iron chain Osram and lighting constitute Huatai brand category list ten echelons.


Market Watch: British professional equipment manufacturers targeting China

   In southern England where a remote lush foliage, a worker is using a technology between Vietnam and the Swiss watchmaker blowing glaziers between the two processes in a thin tube top, making a small glass ball.

    John Hill (JohnHill) claiming to be a "micro-technicians", he said he has been doing this 31 years, but "not reached a pinnacle level."


Quest Wen Deng Wei forces: four decades to win market discourse storm

   Wen Deng Wei Li Tool Corporation was founded in 1968, has 43 years of development history, the company was first set up mainly of small farm tools, hardware, began production in 1974, spanner, a single product, only one specification. In 1975, started foreign trade, product specifications to two. Products are mainly sold abroad to spread and the DIY market, low-grade products less competitive in foreign markets are discriminated against, plastisol coated chain the business has been tepid. In 1978, the wrench to four kinds of specifications, but also by the annual production of 20,000 raised to 200,000. 1985, 1988, 1991 consecutive awarded by the National Ministry of Light Industry wrench the industry's highest honor, "silver." 1990 is the business transformation and upgrading of the year, the state enterprise reform focusing on the implementation of the work, rectifying the deepening of enterprise reform. Chairman of river in the study of foreign high-end market, the company saw the gap, improved equipment and techniques, and domestic steel mills to jointly develop new materials developed, these materials are applied to products that improve product quality, quality reached the international industrial standard. Then the company added product lines, increase the pipe clamp, swing chain bolt cutters two products. This is for the companies to diversify from a single species basis. In 1998, the company entered the fast lane, increasing the number of production lines, mainly producing strong pliers, water pump pliers, F folder, C-clamp, socket products, pneumatic products etc. Powerful tool, "ICP" brand products have been a large number of outstanding domestic customer acceptance, customer acceptance of the ICP is high quality, but with the development of the market, customers increasingly demanding high quality products for power tools make the production needs of high-end products. Customer trust because of the power tool manufacturing capabilities are unmatched by other tools of business.iron chain August 2009, the international financial turmoil, a new brand of hand tools a "MAXPOWER a step Park" in the text Deng Wei Li Tools Group Co., Ltd. was born, the new registration "MAXPOWER step Park" brand, mainly in the following layers of meanings:



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