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Shenli main product swing chain,iron chain.

Yongkang Hardware chain to explore the Secret source hardware development

    Yongkang in the history of metal is famous, "hundreds of hands of the township" and "hardware village", the reform and opening up, the rapid development of hardware industry, metal industry output value accounted for 90% of total industrial output value, accounting for 60% of GDP, annual tax 61.5 billion yuan, accounting for 80% of total fiscal revenue is strong, employing more than 20 million,iron chain accounting for 50% of the city's total labor.


Architectural Hardware will move toward the path of development of human intelligence

   China Hardware into the world, China's domestic hardware hand tools market conditions, China's hardware tools market is mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong and Shandong and other places, including Zhejiang and Guangdong, the most prominent. Zhejiang: Zhejiang Yongkang always was known as the "hardware village", and Zhejiang very strong sense of market operations, products from the original pot, stainless steel mug scooters all the rage last year, giving them a big moneymaker . Guangdong: the world's mold production centers. At present, Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta region surrounding gathered more than 6,000 mold companies, employing over 100,000 people. swing chain Has been held for five consecutive in the South China Shenzhen International Mould Exhibition, which attracted 25 countries and regions, more than 1,000 companies participated in today's China's most professional and international standards of mold industry exhibition.


Market research: bathroom market blaze a "dark horse"

  Currently Deer, international bathroom brand industry continues to occupy the domestic market, domestic sanitary market competition, with domestic manufacturers for some high-tech products investment in some "sensitive ware" has become a competitive breakthrough, now consumers are more attracted to some of the high degree of comfort and environmental protection, sanitary, and "induction sanitary ware" to environmental protection, energy conservation become a new fashion.


Individual sanitary bathroom constantly emerging market innovation

  Only products continue to break

    Bathroom market innovation and development, sanitary ware continues to personality, intelligence breakthrough development is also very present, water has become the consensus of the bathroom industry, smart bathroom to join, it is violently shaken the bathroom market, and gradually spread to the mass. Increasingly importance in people's quality of life today, has evolved into a bathroom just like pleasure-seeking culture, which had become the trend of individuality.


Hardware development of an urgent need to break the mold of the three major bottlenecks

    Mold as to achieve mass production and new product an indispensable tool for product development, rapid economic development in the industry plays a crucial role in high levels of mold determines the high level of quality industrial products in recent years as the global economy accelerate the integration process, China has gradually become a metal mold the main force of the world's metal industry. Some developed countries, especially Africa, the Middle East and other developing countries the demand for metal mold annual rate of over 10%. China is gradually becoming the world's metal processing and exporting countries, and has become one of the world's largest producer of metal, metal mold has a vast potential market and the consumer.


Fenestration Hardware analysis of the reasons behind the situation

    Curtain walls and windows hardware fittings behind the situation has existed for many years, like sanitary ware, as all know that can not be resolved behind it in the end what the problem is mainly lack of understanding of the importance of accessories, in:


Quest intenQuest intensive transformation of the way hardware manufacturers made changes to the intellectual

Since the reform and opening up to now, China's manufacturing industry in 30 years, from a poverty-stricken, to grow, to become sive transformation of the way hardware manufacturers made changes to the intellectual
    Since the reform and opening up to now, China's manufacturing industry in 30 years, from a poverty-stricken, to grow, to become the world today, supporting our second largest economy, has made to make the world wonder of speed and success. The hardware industry, is also true. In recent years, China has the world's hardware has always been Paul's first production, output can not shake the position of the first, described as rising power.


Hardware industry stalled industrial competitiveness "order to win."

  Association data show that last year under the influence of the international financial crisis in the global metals industry, first to pick up China's hardware industry, the industry showed renewed growth. The association from the customs data show that import and export of the whole industry in 2010 amounted to $ 74.9 billion, an increase of 30.1%. Among this, exports totaled $ 57.51 billion, an increase of 31.4%. Recently, the China National Hardware Association held the 11th China International Hardware Show (CIHS) of the conference, Zhang Dongli Association, said the financial crisis has been called the "hardware" iron chain of the industry's impact continues to ferment, the polarization within the industry the company differentiation has become increasingly evident.


Beauty or exhibition? Hardware popular hot beauty marketing

    Recently, Anhui Hardware Electrical Trade City Marketing Center popularity booming, many of them to see the Miss Tourism World style of the people, but also as to the purchase of investment projects for the mind customers, consultants, critically, select the intention shops,iron chain developers for every registered customer to prepare a scene beautifully gift - a senior purple cup.


Da Vinci Furniture events thought to see the development of Guangdong Furniture Hardware

    Recently, CCTV "Weekly Quality Report" reported sales price of the Da Vinci furniture products, a considerable part of Italy they advertised is not the production of materials used is not a luxury brand claimed wood. For a time, "high price of furniture will be fraud," the question everywhere, the furniture industry have set off a storm.



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