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Hardware capital of China Daily Hardware father of three high-pressure environment encountered difficulties upgrade

   Daily Hardware is a traditional pillar industries, Danzao Town. According to information provided by the town government Web site, where the product accounted for 70% of the market, more than 50% of the products exported.
    After several decades of development, swing chain formed a danzao as the center, the radiation surrounding the annual output value of 200 billion hardware industry circle. Up to now, more than 2,500 large and small gathered here in the hardware business, manufacturing buttons, zippers, locks, kitchen utensils, lamps and other products.


Participation in a proper way how to deal with hardware companies show the economy?

    Fruitful economic income, clank instance playback. The face of the exhibition "everywhere" phenomenon, as the hardware business, "helm" how targeted, rational response is placed on the many "metal man" before the need to solve the problem.


Apple's supply chain staff in China for the first time recognized disability due to pollution

    According to "Beijing Morning Post" reported on February 15, 2010, Apple announced a progress report on supplier responsibility, the first public recognition of China's supply chain employees disabled due to pollution.


High iron ore imports continue to run high steel prices how to do

    The reason why iron ore imports to break through the historical record, mainly because: first, late last year after the end of energy conservation, a number of steel mills to resume production, the demand for raw materials back to normal, swing chain the procurement of iron ore enterprises to increase the intensity of ; second is due to market rumors in January by the Australian iron ore producers will flood the impact of the expected market prices for iron ore even more strongly.


Ingersoll Rand Security win another leader in China's civil aviation airport projects

     January 14, 2011, the world's leading diversified industrial company Ingersoll Rand's Security Technologies and its new international airport in Kunming Command headquarters in the newly completed office building conference center


The rural market is the hardware business an important part of the layout of future development

    National agricultural policies continue to benefit the introduction of sustainable development will stimulate rural development. Terminal market in rural areas, will be the future development of related hardware business in an important piece layout.


Printing machinery and other equipment manufacturing, Ningbo forefront of the country

    Foundry equipment manufacturing industry is the basic industry. An advanced, powerful equipment manufacturing industry must have an advanced and powerful foundation and support for the foundry industry.
    Plastic mold and metal, according to international industry leader Luo Baihui Suppliers Association introduced the foundry industry, Ningbo City, the country has gone in the forefront of the foundry industry, swing chain regardless of the size of the industry, or the casting technology has been greatly improved. There are all kinds of casting the city's thousands of enterprises, number of employees 7 million people. The city casting production reached 100 million tons, production value of about 100 billion yuan, the Ningbo's economic construction and promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry has made great achievements.


Hardware life: buy a small shower should not be careless

    Small shower, purchase should not be underestimated. Bathroom shower is one of the important facilities, after work, very much love to wash in the shower, but the shower water is not smooth, hot and cold makes you greatly disappointed. Then it must be your shower not to capacity. Let us say from the common type of open shower, come and listen to experts teach us how to choose shower right.


Expansion of high-priced kitchen electrical market to be slow, "downsizing" lack of penetration

    Widespread price cuts in the current trend in home appliances, kitchen electricity prices are still high: around than fifteen thousand yuan purchase of washing machines, refrigerators, LCD TV, air conditioning and other large household appliances, a "smoke machine, cooker and disinfection cabinet, "the package has still almost on the yuan, compared with a few years ago did not even seem to change too.


Food prices go electric kitchen clean-up is also what the New Year Note

     The annual Spring Festival is approaching, in addition to preparation stocking, the pre-holiday clean-up is a home appliance can not be omitted "routine food."
    Dinner is very important, of course, have a good tidy up the kitchen after a whole year after the operation, household appliances, there is often a lot of internal dust and grease, etc., but these things if not clean, it will breed bacteria, affecting the normal operation of the machine , allowing the machine to work in the overloaded state,swing chain so to advance clean the appliance. And furniture, tableware and so different, because the special nature of home appliance products, cleaning appliances, be sure to pay attention to methods.



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