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Selection and maintenance of the chain

 Selection and maintenance of the chain
Chain industry chain in China, enterprises can not only network of accurate network information and promotion, you can also cluster in the related industries to promote the site, but also treasure the alliance in the business promotion platform.
With the improvement of living standards, increasing the amount the owners of motor vehicles, parking facilities and food and drink industry's development potential, which makes the demand for motor vehicles remain moderate chain growth, while most of the high grade automotive chain market space is especially great. In addition, for grain, oil, food and beverage industry, stainless steel chain, non-standard shaped chain will become the industry a new economic growth point. At the same time, after the country's macro-control, iron chain metallurgy, mining, cement, construction machinery and other industries will be further revitalized, therefore, for the mining, oil, electricity, cement, metallurgy, engineering machinery, transportation and other industries with higher added value chain and demand chain of large size will continue to rise.
Chain to belong to labor-intensive products, the products of developed countries have begun to extend the scope of procurement to the developing countries, this chain of products to expand our exports has also brought new development opportunities. Particularly shaped chain of more and more optimistic about the international market, export markets, the chain will become a new growth point.
Motorcycle chain is one of the main components, the quality will directly affect the durability of the motorcycle, comfort and reliability of the present, manufacturers of motorcycle chain sprocket many of varying swing chain quality, choose to recognize standard of quality reputable manufacturers. In addition, the chain is its durability and reliability, with the user's use of maintenance and installation method is also quite significant. Here we talk about the chain of installation, maintenance and adjustment
First, install the
Select the chain and sprockets must pay attention to whether the two match, and to ensure that wheel and tire (wheel seat) of concentricity, or cause the chain to a tight one early and wear loose while. Installation, to no wear on the sprocket wheel seat, fitted with sprocket screws, lock washers to put on, not to tighten the screws too tight, along with tire chains installed on the bus after the installation and slightly tighten the chain and slowly turn the rear wheels after the observed tightness of the chain. If a loosening and tightening the chain, sprockets and tires description (Block sprocket) different heart. Adjustment of the rear wheels turn to the chain's most compact, we use wooden hammer or rubber hammer and gently tap forward sprocket to the chain relaxation (not iron hammer, otherwise it will damage the chain sprocket). Turning the rear wheels is also a loose chain observed a tight, repeated several times until the chain generally smooth, tighten screws and lock washers sprocket, and then check the tightness of the chain. This tire and wheel on the basic concentric, and the car running will be very easy
Second, maintenance
Special chain lubricant is best qualified maintenance. In real life, we often see a user to waste engine oil down the brush in the chain, so the tire, the chassis and also sprayed the dark oil, the chain will not only affect the glue beautiful and thick dust . In particular, Yu Xuetian, glue the sand to make the chain sprocket early wear and tear, shorter life
Proper maintenance is: 4T with clean oil and hydraulic oil or transformer oil (in stores) the ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 mixture, with a clean brush evenly with good oil drops in the chain the middle of the roller, forming a thin film, protective effects on the chain, use a period of time until the film and then drops again when drying. Principle is "oil on small points, the number of multi-point", and maintain appropriate chain of elastic, so that the chain and sprockets will be a clean and durable.
Third, motorcycle chain adjustment should be appropriate
Motorcycle chain adjustment should be requested on a regular basis, in the process of adjustment required to maintain good lines of their degree and tightness. Straightness is to ensure the size of the so-called tooth plate and the chain along the same line, the only way to ensure the tooth plate and the chain would not wear too fast and moving without ball dropped. Tightness requirements of the general is to look at the degree of tightness to adjust the chain, the correct adjustment is to move his hand up and down pulling the chain, so that the chain up and down from 15mm ~ 20mm in the context of the standard. Too loose or too tight will speed up the chain and sprocket wear or damage.
1, chain motorcycle chain adjustment too loose loose rare phenomenon in general, but do not do if traveling a long time to adjust, because of wear or deformation of the chain was stretched. Many drivers due to lack of maintenance of common sense can not adjust in time, it appeared the phenomenon of ball dropped. Whether old chain, gear, as long as the chain fell off from the tooth plate once, as required generally not reusable, because shedding process, the chain will be top tooth plate bending deformation, the chain with a bend, no matter disk around the tooth of how accurate adjustment, with the inevitable bending of the chain teeth will bite plate, so not only damage the chain, gear drive will greatly shorten the life span. At the same time in the ball dropped in the process, the chain can be top down, driving break the chain, is more problematic, because sometimes far away from the pits not repaired in time lapse makes a botch. JH70 class motorcycle chain will be broken due to magneto cover and stator coil fixation plate trigger break, increase the maintenance difficulty, causing unnecessary economic losses.
2, adjust the chain too tight too tight chain are more common. Of which roughly three reasons. (1) can not repair yourself common sense adjustments to mistake the chain tensioner. This is the ambiguous concept, only know how to adjust the chain is the maintenance of the area, I do not know how to adjust is the correct standard. (2) due to severe tooth wear plate chain, but does not allow time or economic, or shaped vehicle was purchased less than the same model of local tooth plate, they put a chain tensioner to maintain after the strong-free vehicles (3) the replacement of chain to sprocket When mistakenly missing tooth tray eccentric garden to the motorcycle, causing the chain suddenly tight suddenly loose, inspection and adjustment, the chance encounter loose end, the other end tight. No matter what the reasons for these adjustments caused by the chain tight, will be greatly reduced service life of chain and gear drive. When the chain adjustment too tight, because of contact with the teeth pressure plate, easy to lengthen the chain, chain link plate easily deformed or breakage of the roller chain will be broken. In addition, tooth wear and premature disc will result in making tooth sharpened, jagged serious. In addition, the chain adjustment too tight, but also damage the shaft bearings and needle Vice (sleeve), rear wheel bearing life Buffer will be significantly shortened. This kind of situation is mainly because the chain tension after they had countershaft and rear wheels form a larger buffer between the body's mandatory to check moment, in this moment are under, bearing the operating characteristics is damaged, Shan face a greater force, easy to heat damage. If not broken, will result in a relatively short space of time increases. Bearing clearance increases, the vice-axis linear work of destruction, needle roller bearings will soon be broken, then failure will be transferred to the chain sprocket engine ... ... can be seen, correctly and to adjust motorcycle The elastic chain is very important.
3, how to correctly adjust the motorcycle chain then? (1) timely adjustment of the tightness of motorcycle chains in the 15mm-20mm is appropriate to maintain regular checks on time Buffer bearing lubrication, bearing the work environment because of the relatively poor lose their lubrication, damage may be significant Once damaged bearings will cause the tooth plate tilt, ranging to the side chain sprocket wear, heavy chain is easy to fall off. (2) Except for the frame to adjust chain adjustment when chain adjusted the scale, but also observed before and after application of eye tooth plate and the chain is along the same line, because if the received frame or the rear wheel fork damage, deformation, then the scale Adjust the chain will enter a misunderstanding, misconception that the chain drive gear along the same line, in fact, linearity has been damaged, Suo Yi this check is very important (the best time to remove links to adjust box), if found that the problem should be immediately corrected, remove the troubles , sure.


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