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U.S. ITC started on the 337 starters and alternators Survey


    January 13, 2011, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) voted on the part of starters and alternators (certainstartermotorsandalternators) launched 337 investigations.

    January 3, 2011, Remy Corporation apply to the U.S. ITC, accusing the United States imports and part of the U.S. market starters and alternators, infringed on its patents, start the 337 required an investigation and issue an exclusion order and injunction. The application is the company's December 9, 2010 proposed amendments to the relevant application.

    U.S. ITC will eventually follow business as a mandatory respondent case: Weisairuier United Co., Ltd. (WetherillAssociates,swing chain Inc., D / b / aWAIGIobal, ofFt.Lauderdale, FL), China's coastal Yongci Corporation (LinhaiYongciofChina), MetricSales & EngineeringofNorthfield Company , Wanli Industrial Development Corporation (WanLiIndustrialDevelopment, Inc., ofSouthElMonte, CA), China Yongkang Boyu Auto Motor Factory (YongkangBoyuAutoMotorCompanyofChina),iron chain U.S. auto parts company (AmericanAutomotiveParts, Inc., ofNiles, IL) and U.S. MotorcarParts company.

    Steel City: business mentality smooth thin trading market shocks.
    Spot in the domestic steel market, the Spring Festival approaching market characteristics unique to the season has gradually shown. According to well-known steel information organizations "My iron and steel" to provide the latest market report, the current steel market can be summarized as three main features: business attitude stability, market volatility, thin trading.

    According to the relevant observations of analysts, the latest week, Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Panzhihua Iron and Steel, Shougang and other leading domestic steel mills have announced the latest round of prices, the continuing rise in raw material prices is expected to lead, steel mills are ex-factory price up to certain extent. Currently, the market is expected to rise in the cost of holding goods strong, stable business mentality, many traders to "call" post-market. However, most of the country's market transactions are still light on the continuing rise in steel prices has brought certain extent, market conditions, "low-frequency shock" was up steady.

    According to analysis, the domestic construction steel prices continue to rise, Northwest Territories rose significantly. With an "emotional New Year" in the domestic market and gradually spread, building steel, the overall situation has begun to subdued trading. There are reflected in the market now except for some infrastructure like site is still "seize the progress", the real estate and other aspects of construction steel, reduced the amount of the large area. The mainstream view is that the relevant traders to maintain normal inventory, cautiously, in the late to find a balance between supply and demand can be.

    Domestic hot-rolled coil market volatility upward. Baosteel announced its first offer in February, which increased 100 per ton of hot rolled coil. Subsequently, the Wuhan Iron and Steel and Shougang thermal volume also increased 200 yuan per ton. Businesses within the market measure, said after February coil cost of holding stock will rise to 4750-4800 yuan per ton. With the approaching Spring Festival holiday, the liquidity of the market in less resources.

    Domestic markets are also cold rolled coils upward correction. Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel in February ex-factory price package, cold-rolled product prices rose slightly. According to some experienced business reflects Chinese New Year calendar, the cold season sales market will appear. By this "law" of the impact of the current business state of mind more strongly bullish. However, note that the current local area downstream order less stock but in a slow increase can occur after the Spring Festival this year the traditional sales season, still need to wait and see. Moreover, the current price level of cold-rolled products has been relatively high, after the Spring Festival, traders, financial pressures may gradually appear.

    Organization, analysts say the increase is greater than the current length of flat sheet material, "a small compensatory growth plate" trend is more evident. However, contradictory elements in the steel city under the premise of not straighten out all the changes are limited, the overall market trend is still a shock.

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