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New bathroom hardware market in 2011 to seize the three good ideas in the low-

    The continuous improvement of living standards and sanitary ware technology advances, making the bathroom renovation is also becoming more and more fashionable, more and more on the development of bathroom fashion and Smart, color has become a household personality reflected in the most convenient way .
    Of course, simplicity is the great love of the minds of consumers, following the walls, furniture, numerous and varied colors apart,swing chain and fancy bath products are also up, get rid of the previous steady deep, bright eyes bright and charming home improvement gradually during the bathroom is decorated important development of the industry on the bathroom sanitary industry breakthrough in terms of the market is critical, bathroom is also essential to develop small towns, the following nine are Xiaobian expand with you take a look at the three low-end market nirvana!

    Nirvana one: colored glass countertops.

    Jumping is becoming increasingly popular among young people like it, the color revolution has spread to the bathroom. Wash the material table colorless glass from the past simple, the development to the current red, orange, green and other bright color tone. Glass materials are generally high-temperature-resistant tempered glass,iron chain more resistant to use. Glass table top is divided into steel and semi steel, but many sales people are collectively referred to as steel. The time of purchase, the best manufacturers of factory requires businesses to produce quality certification, note its type and high temperature performance.

    Nirvana II: Alien Ware.

    Ware modeling have always monotonous and traditions, but for those who seek fashion, really is a pity. Therefore, some alien ware also gradually enter the market, such as spherical with a toilet and wash basin with, angular shape of the tub and the amazing tap, sanitary ware shop in a lot of budding. Regardless of changes in appearance, easy to use and easy to clean and can not be ignored is still a point to buy sanitary ware, sanitary ware should require less concave angle look better, easy to manage.

    Nirvana III: Chinese Cabinet.

    Growing consumption of the bathroom cabinet, the style generally dominated by simple lines, is taking the fashion and modern line. Only by grasping the minds of consumers to really grasp the string Flanagan buyers, but with the development of people's aesthetic diversity, a number of Chinese in the Cabinet also appeared in many people's home, blend with the decor. The Chinese Cabinet material generally used wood, so be sure to pay attention to the wood material, whether there is moisture, corrosion, anti-distortion function, so as to ensure the life of the bathroom cabinets to improve use of space.

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