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Hardware is not anti-business marketing 4P marketing mix model attempts

    McCarthy (JeromeMcCarthy) published in 1960 in his "Basic Marketing: A Managerial Approach," a book, first proposed the 4P marketing mix elements, namely: product-Product; price-Price; Location-Place; Promotion-Promotion.

    Hardware companies marketing staff to achieve marketing goals, and optimize the mix should be integrated use of the four controllable factors.


    1, to the core product (Product), swing chain according to their own ability to design or identify the technology for product selling point, to note that the product must be innovative in essence, otherwise it will be counter-productive;

    2, the price of the core (Price), price competition is the way Chinese companies are keen, but the price war will take some of the premise that the companies have large production capacity, the industry should have economies of scale;

    3, to promote the core (Promotion),iron chain application of this model requires the enterprise planning capabilities and brand communication capacity is relatively strong, with management and motivation, the needs of the target population more accurate;

    4 to channels (Place) as the core business of marketing localization requires a very deep understanding of channel structure, consumer characteristics are well known, also needs to have good organizational management and control capability.


    As the world's outstanding vendors of electronic products, Apple 4P marketing strategy for the use of one-upmanship.

    Apple to design a selling point as the product is not in doubt, while Apple's products, whether it is computers, mobile phones or MP4, but also substantial innovations are done, which Apple CEO Steve Jobs when the co-founder and inseparable. According to reports, Apple employee salaries compared with their peers an average of 30%, but only if the work does Steve Jobs met the requirements. Allegedly, Steve Jobs has asked him to design an appearance of a designer can not see a screw in the laptop computer, within the specified time to hand over the works of designers, but unfortunately, most demanding Joe Jacobs in the appearance of this product found on a screw, only this one, the result can be imagined, who the designer was fired. It is for Jobs in the pursuit of the perfect design, Apple products are designed as a selling point impeccable.

    In addition to the pursuit of the perfect product, Steve Jobs of planning and the ability to brand communication is also higher than normal, he not only products to precisely locate the target population, and even create a product for his customers.

    U.S. media has published an article saying: Jobs will be elevated to the art of product launches high. Jobs will have to locate each product, for setting a theme, and then brief introduction, the human mind is prone to fatigue, but Steve Jobs will not let you have the time for urban interest in his product, Joe Sri Lanka's slide few words, the time when Steve Jobs announced the MacBookAir have a picture shows a hand from an ordinary paper bag and pulled out the computer file, this picture is worth all languages. Also, Jobs has a climax every time conference with the words of neurologist can make the audience emotionally. The climax of the audience will always remember the incident.

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