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Apple's supply chain, non-governmental organizations reveal the secret: toxic pollution violations and

    Apple is not aware of the importance of supply chain regulation, and reality mirror Apple Apple huge.

   "Apple" did not have people look beautiful in that fashion.

    Report of three civil society organizations in China has opened the other side of Apple's unknown, the report considered environmental protection, occupational health and labor rights in three areas, Apple is in violation of its commitments. In fact, in the supply chain under the trend of green has become an international,swing chain multinational companies should not only strengthen its supply chain environmental management, and supply chain should be the public about the environmental problems and rectification, accept public supervision.

   "Apple the other side."

    This is a market among the global IT industry in the first of the giant companies, each market will trigger a new global fans queued through the night, each a leading global consumer products are in the trend.

    This is a commitment to "ensure the supply chain are safe working conditions to ensure that workers are treated with respect and dignity,iron chain while ensuring environmentally responsible production" of the enterprise, each of which will be issued a "Progress Report on Social Responsibility suppliers."

    However, this stylish but Apple has a beautiful unknown "other side."

    Thursday, entitled "Apple on the other side," the research report released in Beijing, the Public Environmental Research Center by the civil society organizations released a report of three will push Apple to the cusp.

    Exclusive access to the Southern Weekend reporter of this report shows the other side of Apple's "pollution, abuse and poison" has been "deeply hidden secret does not show people in their supply chain, rarely understood by the public."

    The report lists 10 cases of violation of Apple's suppliers commitment to occupational safety, environmental pollution, breach of promise, contrary to ensure that workers are entitled to dignity, respect and commitment to the event. These suppliers located in Suzhou, Guangzhou, Dongguan and other places. These events include, Foxconn employees jumped from 12 bursts, n-hexane poisoning, build technology, CSG and other affiliated enterprises exceeding emission times.

    In accordance with international practice, the green supply chain that require the awareness of environmental protection, "no-waste without pollution," "without any undesirable elements" and "without any side-effects" throughout the raw material suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers throughout the product chain.

    Executor of the report, the public and Ma Jun, director of environmental studies that, in environmental protection, occupational health and labor rights in three areas, Apple is in violation of its commitments.

    In fact, Apple's vision into Ma's observation almost a year. Environmental Research Center as a public director, he established a database of environmental pollution has been collecting records of the national enterprise of environmental violations. Last April, he and 33 other environmental NGO jointly issued the first heavy metal pollution of IT industry research report, involving Apple, Panasonic, Haier, Nokia, and many other well-known brands.

    Ma expect to be good communication with the business. Reports the exchange schedule set, including "the use of public information on supply chain management", "to promote and publicize the rectification of the suppliers of environmental information", "to promote environmental management extends to the depths of the supply chain," and 10 options. Earlier, Ma, respectively, at 6 months, in August released a new report to communicate progress on Thursday released the fourth report.

    So far, Apple Ma received only minimal response, in 29 IT companies, it is located in bottom of it. "Apple is not responding to the basic state." Ma said, "In several months time, completely into silence."


    The research in 2009 from Suzhou Shiu hexane poisoning.

    Began in May 2009, Suzhou Alliance Technology Limited (the joint construction technology) for no reason many employees suffer weakness, pain in hands and feet of the "abnormal", and even fainted in the workshop. Sixty employees hospitalized after another examination. After verified, the culprit is a chemical solvent hexane.

    At that time, joint construction technology using n-hexane instead of alcohol to clean the phone touch screen. Hexane is a colorless liquid, volatile alcohol faster than fast, but toxic, long-term exposure can cause headache, dizziness, weakness, numbness of the limbs and other symptoms of chronic poisoning, can cause serious collapsed, loss of consciousness, or even death.

    Technology, build more than 10,000 employees, is the world's leading mobile phone OEM LCD screen business, according to research report, it also is a major supplier of Apple's one.

    IT industry is the environmental pollution, occupational diseases triggered the hardest hit, many components of production become a serious source of pollution, such as printed circuit boards, batteries, power supply, a large part of the electroplating metal components. In the first report of the investigation to the printed circuit board, for example, the major pollutants produced by nickel, branding and other pollutants in the first category. "According to our survey, a large number of PCB (refer to printed circuit board) manufacturers can not be stable discharge standards." Ma said.

    In addition to joint construction technology, another enterprise Win Heng Hardware & Electrical Operations (the transport constant metal) also occurred in n-hexane poisoning. According to Chan describes the original employees of small, small workshop like this is a production workshop: "Thirty more than one person in a room, the environment is closed, no windows, only a carry out."

    It is reported that metal transport constant in the business sector has been canceled. As head of Zhongjian Xiang refused to be interviewed, can not be verified the true identity of this small business. It tells employees, Wan Heng Apple label responsible for the production of hardware.

    N-hexane poisoning has been going on for a year fermentation time, many people are still rushing for compensation. A 26-year-old King was identified as ten disabled, but he thought it should be nine, for which he specifically from Suzhou to Nanjing, once again doing identification, the present results have not yet received.

    "A lot of people go to Nanjing to do, but the results are still ten." A disappointed King Road. This involves a huge amount of compensation, "compensation for 10 million dollars ten, nine is 16 million."

    A King sequelae of occupational diseases to be panic. Now cold, the night he was 3-layer quilt cover, case of cold hands and feet would be numb, then, pain is severe cramps, sweating.

    Apple's "secret."

    N-hexane poisoning from a focus on the beginning, Ma found, IT industry, heavy metal pollution beyond imagination. Previously named companies are using to communicate with the NGO, then rectification. However, Ma and fell into a seesaw battle Apple, Apple's only response is "not to respond."

    An international environmental NGO to Apple's U.S. headquarters forwarded this report, however, Apple asked Ma whether the provision of technology, build the evidence for its suppliers, saying the investigation will be conducted, but will not disclose any details or timing.

    NGO report published research, science and technology, build Wintek from Taiwan Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 and investment, "according to multiple copies of materials displayed publicly, this plant is important to Apple's supplier of touch screens." In a "iPhone4 concept stock "analysis article, Wintek touch panel as Apple's project to benefit businesses.

    Ah Jing told reporters that he built in the joint work shop technology operation vacuum combination machine, which is the touch screen part of the production line. Touch screen mobile phone production and iPhone4 size, same style, he can still see the phone as "signal gate" issues of process improvement - in the mobile phone to add a piece of iron.

    January 18, the Department of Technology Management, build a staff of anonymity, told reporters, "This is a commercial secret, have signed confidentiality agreements, must be client confidentiality."

    Research report relating to the other two companies - Dongguan company Masstop, Health benefits of electronic business are well-known in their respective fields, but they have denied Apple's suppliers.
    "Apple is strictly confidential and the supply chain to require suppliers to sign confidentiality agreements, not open to the public. However, after each of the products available, many research institutions, the analysis report will detail the dismantling of product components and cost price of production enterprises." A long been concerned about Apple, Apple's supply chain is writing the book, told reporters.

    Southern Weekend reporter has repeatedly contact Apple, as of press date has not received any reply.

    The research report will be summarized as "secret culture": From the unique and not easily compatible with the operating system begins to form a secret operation of the tradition, this technology was ported to the unique nature of supply chain management, so hard to understand the composition of its suppliers. And compliance with Apple's environmental and social responsibility, can only be released from the company's own report of that. "Unique technology understandable to be kept confidential, but extends to the supply chain technology, I think it is very appropriate. As it relates to its pollution damages to others, this section should not be kept confidential." Ma said.

   "Broken," the Apple supply chain.

    Apple's brand is a typical output of enterprises, responsible for the creative and design, product manufacturing by the supplier. Apart from a number of public reports and industry analysis, product literature, see Apple's suppliers around the world, located in China Taiwan, the United States, South Korea, Germany and other places, mainly in mainland China production base in Taiwan-funded enterprises, Foxconn mainly assembled into the final machine. "Apple is very focused provider of supply capacity, the output should be stable, adequate. In addition, parts of the production process requires very high, usually Apple selected suppliers are leading enterprises in this field, with some production capability . "Apple's long-term research, a reporter said.

    However, these are just upstream suppliers. These suppliers of subordinate enterprises, subcontracting enterprises to determine the information difficult to obtain public.

    A "Apple Supplier Code of Conduct" shows that Apple has a detailed system of norms. If one of the "environmental impact" paragraph, of hazardous substances, solid waste, wastewater and storm water, waste gas and so do the relevant provisions.

    Apple will abuse workers, providing false audit material, causing serious environmental damage and other irregularities identified as the core. In 2009 there were 17 cases of heart irregularities, illegal enterprises set 1 year observation period, re-examined at the end of the observation period. In addition, the most common violations are working overtime, improper calculation of overtime pay, paid less than the minimum wage, discrimination against workers, lack of job security, and environmental pollution.

    However, the reporter access to found Apple in 2010 social responsibility report, still do not see a list of specific providers and information.

   Zhao Xu, Shanghai Jiaotong University, vice president of economics the supply chain described this as "a broom": "a large, spread out on the other end." She believes that Apple's products, unlike GM and other auto companies, as high barriers to entry, low barriers to mobile phone industry, Apple one of the more upstream suppliers, there is a large number of companies, Apple can not be docked with one by one .

    "If there is upstream of Apple's suppliers, then it is difficult to sign an agreement on environmental protection, green supply chain can easily cut off." Zhao Xu said.

    "Because of Apple products on the parts production process is too high, so early in the production of the production yields are often faced with the problem of inadequate supply of apple." The long-term research, told Apple, "Well, do not rule out for cargo operators in the production of some toxic and even used the process to ensure the supply of illegal, poisoning, build science and technology is a typical case. "

    In early 2011, A King and a few employees poisoning Apple CEO Steve Jobs to write a letter about the harm caused by poisoning: "I hope Apple strict supervision of the offense as well as the foundry business We strive for compensation of victims to come forward. "

    And Ma, these toxic workers still have not received any reply.

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