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Development of China's aluminum industry and strategic analysis

   In recent years, with the sustained and healthy growth of China's national economy, the overall strength of China's aluminum industry rising influence in the international market and competitiveness become more prominent.
   Now, the aluminum industry in China has become the world's largest country, is under active power forward to the world aluminum industry. swing chain However, there have been some problems which, on the aluminum industry is both a challenge and an opportunity for development.

   Energy saving and emission reduction tasks are arduous, technical and economic indicators standard long way to go.

   In 2007, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "access conditions for the aluminum industry," not only further improve the access threshold for aluminum processing industry, but also for the existing aluminum processing enterprise integrated the technical and economic indicators of energy consumption and yield of metal and so to reach the required threshold. China's aluminum industry in recent years the level of technical and economic indicators and the threshold rate of compliance than casting products, iron chain other indicators have a large gap between the overall energy consumption in particular, to compliance very difficult.

   General products and more high-end products, and absence of world famous brands and enterprises.

   From 2005, China already exports over imports of aluminum, but our exports are generally more affordable products, while imports are mostly high-tech products. It is the imitation of foreign multi-alloy and varieties, their innovative and unique variety of rare alloys. According to statistics, a total of aluminum and aluminum alloy over 300 international brands, in China until March 2007 was only one other such as copper and copper alloy, the Chinese are also not registered international trademark. In fact, so far except Aluminum Corporation of China, China recognized the lack of domestic and international famous enterprises, but also there is not a recognized international brand in the world aluminum.

   China's aluminum fabrication enterprises are small, quantity, intensive low level.

   As the market economy, through the survival of the fittest, mergers and acquisitions integration, squeezing into the 350 or so businesses can cut, rolled down to about 150 companies, aluminum companies to reduce to 50 or so, it will help form a small business with a reasonable optimized structure.

   Low quality enterprises, independent innovation capability is weak.

   Low literacy performance of enterprise and innovation at the management level is low, while the low quality of staff is mainly in the operation of the low level of innovative capacity is weak, and improving quality and staff quality is the aluminum industry is one of the biggest challenges companies face.

   Investment with blindness tendency of sustained and rapid growth to overheating.

   China and the world in deepening economic integration, the extent of the world's manufacturing base is also growing. As the national economy is only the basic raw material of aluminum to increase along with economic development, to meet the needs of economic development. Because investors see the huge market demand at home and abroad, and Chinese aluminum smelting and aluminum technology continues to mature and improve, is investing heavily in China's aluminum industry. In the period 2002-2010, the investment on the board with a foil of about 1,000 billion yuan, total investment for the 1953-2001 years, 9.5 times the average annual investment of 110 million yuan, and hot rolling capacity of 4,000,000 t / a, cold-rolled 300 million t / a, double zero foil 25 million t / a; of extrusions of about 10.5 billion investment in the project, formed about 120 million t / a capacity. 9-year period in the formation of such a large production capacity in the history of the world's aluminum industry is also unique.

   In summary, the Chinese aluminum industry should open development of ideas, strengthening of institutional and technological innovations combined with the establishment of original R & D platform and industrial entities combined model of economic integration of science and technology to build a new aluminum foil timber processing industrial chain, bigger and stronger. China's aluminum industry should be based on domestic, world, accurate grasp of the world the latest consumer trends and application of advanced technologies, establish a market-oriented product development system, R & D has an important role in national economic development and new products with market potential , large-scale production of new materials and compatible with the mature technology. Rational use and allocation of resources to strengthen the close ties between industry, optimizing product mix, reserve a long-term vitality of high technology and high added value generation product, the formation of proprietary technologies with independent intellectual property rights and related technology and equipment, expand range of products of different specifications to enhance the comprehensive economic indicators and the leading product quality, aluminum foil to further enhance the international competitiveness of the industry, to form a large modern world competitive enterprise groups.

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