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Status of gardening tools and prospects of market development

    Horticultural industry to improve the living environment is important to people. With the global development of horticultural products industry, China has become the world's manufacturing center of gardening supplies, gardening supplies the domestic industry is developing rapidly and has become a separate industry segments.
    A wide range of gardening supplies can be roughly divided into the following five categories: hand tools garden supplies, swing chain gardening supplies machinery, irrigation class gardening supplies, gardening supplies and decorative materials and garden.

    The development of horticultural products industry factors and the status quo.

    With the development of the global garden products industry, through the gradual absorption and digestion of foreign gardening design, development and production and other aspects of the advanced experience, China's horticultural products industry has been rapid development. In addition, advocates of the gardening culture, rapid urbanization, growing year by year the urban public green area and rising living standards,iron chain have effectively promoted the development of horticultural products industry. Specific impact of the following factors:

    1, gardening supplies industry factors.

    (1) gardening and cultural infiltration of all aspects of life.

    Gardening originated in the Shang and Zhou China, has been for thousands of years of development history. Such as the Suzhou gardens, is not only a status symbol but also a master of our gardening culture. Modern and contemporary, with modern urban development, urban population is growing, people's living space narrowing, gardening and cultural infiltration in life has not diminished. Such as gardening and construction combine to produce the vertical green, even if the body so that people can enjoy nature in the city, in the private garden planting flowers, mowing the lawn, or simply placed on the balcony flower beds, hanging baskets and other increasingly by the general population and became the lover people leisure and entertainment, one of the main character cultivation. Rooted in people's hearts gardening supplies gardening culture stable and sustainable development laid a solid foundation.

    (2) The national industrial policy support.

    National industrial policy support from the national industrial development perspective, the development of gardening supplies, production and sales has given strong support, but also put forward higher requirements. If the "Guiding Catalogue of Industrial Structure Adjustment (2007 draft)" clearly, in the urban infrastructure construction and real estate field, to encourage urban landscaping and ecological community building; in the field of conservation and comprehensive utilization of resources, encourage the development of energy conservation, water conservation, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources such as technology development, application and equipment manufacturing, utilization of renewable resources development projects (such as eco-homes), these fields are closely related and garden products industry.

    In addition, the 2009 enactment of the State Council to adjust the industrial structure of the top ten industrial revitalization plan, which "light industrial restructuring and revitalization plan" prepared to raise the export tax rebate rate of some light industrial products, enhance technological innovation and transformation, increase financial support, strong support for SMEs, strengthening the industrial policy guidance, adding about 100 brands. Gardening supplies under the light industry, light industry with the support of the state, gardening products industry also will benefit.

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