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2011 growth rate will be up to mold industry exceeded 250 billion 18%

   International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Deputy Secretary-General Luo Baihui recently said that as the global economic recovery, rapid industrial development of mold, mold industry this year to achieve higher growth in 2011 will be in a stable development of mold industry and are expected there will be 18% or more of growth, "Twelve Five" period, China's output may exceed 250 billion die, so die industry total demand for steel will continue to rise.

   Luobai Hui pointed out that the stability of the mold industry is the steel industry customers,swing chain but also to the upgrading of the main promoters of steel products, mold industrial upgrading in high-grade steel to some extent constrained by the variety, quality and service.

   First, I hope to accelerate the development of high-quality special steel required for the mold.

   Such as supercritical and ultra supercritical thermal power equipment for high-temperature high-pressure steel, iron chain machine tool equipment for large-scale mold high-strength steel, high quality required for bearing installation bearing steel, high quality required for stamping die mold steel.

   Second is to improve the quality of steel.

   In recent years, the steel industry increased the pace of independent innovation, the development of a number of new products, such as motors, high-quality silicon steel fan mold needed. But we must ensure consistency and quality of its performance stability, otherwise, the enterprise can not use.

   Third, we must work together to build interest and win-win customer relationships.

   Die enterprise and each other upstream and downstream iron and steel enterprises in independent innovation in the common experience and feelings. Hope that both sides of empathy, put yourself in for the sake of each other, focusing on long-term, high-end equipment as soon as possible to achieve autonomy in China, but also for high-end steel products in China as soon as possible autonomy and support each other and work together.

   In recent years, China's steel demand is growing at a rate of 20%, mold steel production in China in 2010 demand is expected to reach 100 million tons. However, steel production growth of mold is not obvious, as the sustainable development of China's mold industry for high-grade steel imports rising mold, mold steel imports will be expected to substantially increase.

   Die steel imports were mainly from Japan Tatung, Hitachi, ThyssenKrupp of Germany, Sweden win hundred companies, Austria Le Carmen, Korea and other countries. Method of heat for Olympic Bai Dewar die casting mold steel ADC3, SMV4S North American Die Casting Association is designated steel, plastic mold steel appliances in Europe, car mold the user's preferred steel. China die steel by using the state is divided into about 50% of plastic mold steel, cold work tool steel accounts for about 28%, about 20% cold die steel, special steel, about 2% of performance is expected the demand for these types of steel will also be simultaneously increased.

   Luobai Hui said that at present in China die steel, plastic mold steel accounts for about 50%, expects demand will grow further. However, Chinese steel production mold growth is not obvious, the mold tooling industry for the high-end steel imports are growing, mold steel imports will rise significantly. Statistics show that imports were mainly from Japan, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Korea and other places.

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