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Food prices go electric kitchen clean-up is also what the New Year Note

     The annual Spring Festival is approaching, in addition to preparation stocking, the pre-holiday clean-up is a home appliance can not be omitted "routine food."
    Dinner is very important, of course, have a good tidy up the kitchen after a whole year after the operation, household appliances, there is often a lot of internal dust and grease, etc., but these things if not clean, it will breed bacteria, affecting the normal operation of the machine , allowing the machine to work in the overloaded state,swing chain so to advance clean the appliance. And furniture, tableware and so different, because the special nature of home appliance products, cleaning appliances, be sure to pay attention to methods.

    No.1 cooker.

    ◎ dirty hazards: the induction ventilation hole easier filth, such as cockroaches and other insects will be hidden,iron chain in addition, some dirt and grease will also increase the workload of the induction cooker, or to increase the electromagnetic radiation. ◎ Key Clean areas: panel lines.

    ◎ Key Note: Generally, we only focus on panel. In fact, Dongguan, because the weather is wet, it is easy to breed cockroaches, cockroaches tend to like these "hiding" in the induction furnace the body, periodic professional maintenance points to open the back cover checks to avoid affecting food quality. ◎ cleaning and maintenance of common sense:

    First, the panel's clean is one of the daily work to be done frequently. Master Li told reporters, clean panel requirements are not very high, you can clean the ball drops on the detergent for cleaning, he cautioned, can only use a little water to wash, should not have too much water into the body; Second, Clean the underside of the vent foreign matter and oil, such oils can be rubbed with low concentrations of detergent solution;

    Also, check the line is essential for a program to see if the wiring is good, before use, be sure to check the status of the socket is plugged in, to prevent short circuits; Do not use the maximum stall time use; of course, in addition to those screening, after cleaning, be sure to frequent anti-pest, cockroaches and so on. Open the back cover in the maintenance of the past, we often find that to hide a lot of cockroaches, so when not in use must pay attention to moisture, and sealed with a wrap.

    No.2 microwave.

    ◎ dirty hazards: Industry insiders say it is easier filth microwave oven small appliances, and if more than dust and grease will not only affect the cooking of food, but also may cause sparks or smoke, increased electromagnetic radiation. ◎ Key Clean areas: the furnace chamber

    ◎ Key Note: Do not let the water flow when cleaning parts in a variety of control. ◎ cleaning and maintenance of common sense:

    1. Unplug before cleaning to prevent electric shock; 2. Clean the furnace chamber, with a dry cloth can also be used warm soapy water or mild household detergent water cleaning, and then soft dry cloth; 3. Do not use solvents or corrosive industrial cleaning agent, powder, sand, wire brush to scrub the shell and the furnace chamber, etc.;

    5. Cooking, the stove or furnace mouth cavity wall with water droplets or water vapor, dry immediately after use; 6. Often glass turntable, support for clean, clean and put back later;

    7. Clean heating pipes should be carried out after cooling. Be careful when cleaning, do not force the collision heating pipe, so as not to rupture; 8. Using a microwave oven, if the odor, use a glass of water, add a few slices of lemon or a few spoons of lemon juice in the furnace heat 5 to 7 minutes, both to get rid of odor, but also allows the furnace to soften dry hard dirt easy to remove.

    No.3 refrigerator:

    ◎ dirty harm: long dirty, will lead to shortened life of parts, refrigerator cooling effect weakened, in addition, also make the refrigerator is power. ◎ Key Clean areas: the refrigerator, the back

    ◎ Key Note: Never hit the ice with a sharp object, place to keep dry and well ventilated location. ◎ cleaning and maintenance of common sense:

    First, the appearance of cleaning the refrigerator, in general, there is not much the appearance of the requirements, just use common cleaning solution can clean appearance; Secondly, the refrigerator clean, you can graze, you can use disinfectant wipes or boric acid to clean, should not knock the ice with a sharp object;

    In addition, the refrigerator in the back gathering dust is the easiest place, where the dust is very important. Can pump, clean brush or soft cloth to remove dust, water or wet cloth must not scrub. Of course, condenser, compressor and other components have to do it clean. Finally, if the Spring Festival will be moving, just moved to a new home refrigerators, it is recommended two hours after the power outage.

   No.4 Air Conditioning:

    ◎ dirty harm: long time without cleaning and re-use, there will be a lot of blowing dust and bacteria, affecting physical health, but also cause loss of the machine itself. ◎ Key Clean areas: filters, external condenser

    ◎ Key Note: Do not use hot water or oil, flammable chemicals scrub. ◎ cleaning and maintenance of common sense:

    Within the machine:  

    1, winter weather is cold, rest for some time began to use air-conditioning, the first thing to do is dust, of course, within the first spraying machine evaporator. Can use the air conditioning evaporator for cleaning spray on spray in the evaporator, to remove surface dust significantly;

    2, clean the filter: start with the machine out, using brush, detergent, water washing, after cleaning the surface of water droplets and may not have obvious stains;

    3, clean appearance of the machine, the use of clean towels, cleaning agents, water for cleaning;

    4, the proposed filter inside the machine to wash at least once a month.

    Outside the machine:  

    1, cleaning outside condenser: spray cleaner to clean after washing with water,

    2, the cleaning frequency dirt can determine the extent of the actual machine.

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