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Expansion of high-priced kitchen electrical market to be slow, "downsizing" lack of penetration

    Widespread price cuts in the current trend in home appliances, kitchen electricity prices are still high: around than fifteen thousand yuan purchase of washing machines, refrigerators, LCD TV, air conditioning and other large household appliances, a "smoke machine, cooker and disinfection cabinet, "the package has still almost on the yuan, compared with a few years ago did not even seem to change too.

    The current high prices of kitchen electric sales primarily for two reasons: One is the product of the technical characteristics of the decision - the replacement of kitchen electric slow, the high cost of technology refresh;swing chain the other is the high cost of sales in the appliance store kitchen to sell electricity, the cost to be higher than traditional appliances. But That said, there are news that China kitchen electrical industry average profit margin of up to 30%, far higher than the traditional big 5% -10% of home appliances.

    Compared with developed countries, the Chinese kitchen electricity market is far from being effective to open up - the kitchen appliances market penetration is clearly insufficient. Compared to developed countries has reached 60% household penetration dishwasher -70%, the Mainland cities of less than 1% penetration rate of household dishwashers;iron chain microwave penetration rate in developed countries has more than 80%, while large and medium cities in China microwave oven is about 10% household penetration; China has approximately 100 million urban households, with a whole cabinet of only 6.8% of them, a figure of 35% in developed countries in Europe and America.

    The face of high profits, large kitchen appliance manufacturers have entered the electricity market, competition for market profits, including Changhong, the biggest movement of beauty and other manufacturers. Optimistic about China's foreign enterprises have begun to profit kitchen power market, have entered the market. Want to further expand in the domestic market, the price factor is a focus of many manufacturers now also spotted this fuss.

    On the one hand, many manufacturers have launched electric kitchen factory direct, organizational buy, etc., trying to open up the market with lower prices; the other hand, electrical kitchen appliance manufacturers to give up traditional stores and instead invest in home stores, due to its acquisition of home relevance, its sales were satisfactory. Data show that sales of home kitchen appliances store about the overall electricity market, 20% of the kitchen.

    Industry experts said this: "The current kitchen electrical industry as a whole is still in its infancy, including integrated kitchen, including electricity prices are still too mainstream. In addition, the industry standard has yet to be improved, the overall technological level electric kitchen update also need to accelerate, price down to as soon as possible so that more people can come to accept the consumer level. "

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