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Hardware life: buy a small shower should not be careless

    Small shower, purchase should not be underestimated. Bathroom shower is one of the important facilities, after work, very much love to wash in the shower, but the shower water is not smooth, hot and cold makes you greatly disappointed. Then it must be your shower not to capacity. Let us say from the common type of open shower, come and listen to experts teach us how to choose shower right.

    Category: handheld,swing chain head and side spray three categories.

    There are three main forms of showers, that hand-held shower, overhead shower and side shower spray.

    Functional shower water is mainly reflected in the way. The more common mode of water features:

    General type,iron chain that is, the basic requirements of the shower bath water, suitable for simple and quick shower;

    Massaging means powerful spray, intermittent poured, each can stimulate the body's acupuncture points;

    Turbine, water concentration to a water column, making the skin itch micro-micro-Ma feeling this way could very well stimulate the bath, a clear mind;

    Strong beam-type water flow strong through the collision between water mist effect, can increase the bathing fun.

    Optional: water resistance, is easy to clean, parts quality is the key.

    Water-saving shower function is to consider when buying shower key. Some showers with steel ball valve, and adjust the hot water together with controllers, you can adjust the hot water flows into the mixing tank so that water can flow quickly and accurately. Such design is more reasonable than the average shower shower 50% water.

    Secondly, we must pay attention to whether the shower and easy cleaning. Shower outlet plug is often due to accumulation of impurities caused by the screen cover. In order to avoid poor water quality caused by blockage of the outlet, and many shower set automatically clear the scale function. When you purchase may ask one more question on this.

    Finally, shower accessories will directly affect the comfort of its use, also need extra attention. Such as water mains and lift rod is flexible, hose plus wire bending resistance capabilities, connections, whether there are anti-twist wrapped around the ball bearings, lift rod is a rotating controller security ... ...

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